butterflies and me

butterflies and me

carelessly and harshly the young gardener brushed the butterfly away from his face. she spiralled done like a jet on death plunge hitting the ground hard.

Bruised battered and sore she lay there feeling all hope had gone and death was about to over take her this was confirmed when a dark shadow fell over her. but no....... it was the head gardener. he gently scooped her up and placed her back on the eagerly waiting fading blossom.

she lay there barely hanging on the flower desperately tried to enfold her in its petals

then a tiny ray of loving warm sun caress her bruised and hurting wings stretching them carefully she allowed the warmth to course through slowly she fluttered them up and down. suddendly she was free again to fly for a while longer and bring the essence of life to the blooms

we my friends are the blooms and the butterflies are our freesouls and spirits and the lesson here to me is that no matter how many times the other people bat you down rise up again and fly with pride. petal

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  • Good way to start my day thank you, Sunday lunch hunting now not cooking lol

    Soft hugs xxx


  • omg that made me cry but its so true

  • that was lovely :)

  • thanks chris wasnt sure if it was suitable o post i write dumb things just because i can lol petal

  • That was so lovely.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • That's beautiful, I knew it was you when I saw the heading. Just lovely. See you on the loonies site!

    Whippet x

  • hi faded blossom, i love butterflies in general, i read what you put and i cried !! i felt really emotional because it as moving and so very apt for all of us ,trying to wade through the quicksand that is fibromyalgia gentle hugs xx electric jaws

  • Oh dear electric if it is upsetting so many I will ask Chris to remove I write my life and how I feel in all my writings hope u feel hpetaL appier soon ....makes sad face

  • faded blossom do not remove you enjoyable analogy it shows how small we all feel at times how useless and alone - but we all get on with it - with a little help from our friends. So I trust the butterfly gathered itself together and is now flying around the flowers showing its beautiful wings of gossamer off to everyone. :) gins xx

  • Hi grid. The butterfly is actully a metaphor of the life force or spirit

    of the faded blossom our spirits get so broken and bruised by careless words and acts we are as fragile as the butterfly butcan be strong again again when given a little lift a.d united over again to the body. Petal

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