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Fibro Fogg sending me mad


I have not been on because again I could not remember my password I have changed it a few times I am running out so this time I have wrote it down

Bet I forget where lol

At the start of summer I bought my daughter all she need for school pens etc can I find them NO had to get her more today Worse thing is I put her school locker key with the stuff so it is going to cost me more money to replace them as well

Any tips anyone I really feel like a slow learner really getting to me

Feel like 97 not 47 !!!

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Fibro Fog can be such a frustration can't it. It drives me nuts sometimes.

Here is a paragraph taken from our main site which explains how Fibro Fog affects us -

"Cognitive dysfunction is a common problem with Fibro and is nicknamed "Fibro-fog". This can include difficulty in understanding something, difficulty in making decisions, memory loss, problems with concentration, difficulties in speaking coherently and remembering words and problems with typing or writing."

The best way to deal with an especially "foggy" day is to make sure you write everything down that's important. This way you will get into the habit and get used to it. Don't assume you will remember everything, because some days you will remember and other days it will be just a blur. Fibro Fog is worse when you become anxious or stressed.

Here are some personal experiences from members of our forum, hopefully some advice too on how to manage with Fibro Fog, hope it helps - click on the link for info -


Hi, secret is don't ever log out, I learnt my lesson and had to set up new password,very frustrating, I forget a lot, my speech can be slurred and the simplist of things I can't work out , to help I try not to load myself down with to much brain stuff, it lightens the load and things are less confusing and a lot clearer it works most part, I did find a tenner in my purse which I forgot about so there's always a plus

Love nicki xxxx

I know the feeling, sometime the fms fog can be worse than the pain. Feel like you are loosing your mind. I now keep an ADDRESS BOOK that has alphabet down the side and put all passwords and usernames in it. This is the only way I can remember things for internet or other important things. Good Luck

Hi sheelagh liberty is right I forget passwords all the time so I tend not to log out of sites drives my husband crackers but as I now have my blackberry I can stay logged in. I used to get the girls school things an put them straight into their school bags so I could find them just a suggestion thought it might help gentle hugs. Sithy

i find tonic water can ease the fibro fog, i empathise because i also suffer badly with fibro fog and get it doubled up with gabapentin fog.

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