Big fish , little fish cardboard box

Big fish , little fish cardboard box

Ok we all have them the songs we love or hate..... is there a song you really love or really hate or both are you willing to share.... I am afraid having two left fins songs like the title of the blog have me cringing as I have never been able to dance and novelty songs with moves leave me totally un co-ordinated ... I would be better off being stuffed in a cardboard box.... Ok ok no one dare try it.........

My favourite song has to be either Run by snow patrol ... Or.... So alone by Avenged sevenfold.....

Sorry if you think this weekends threads have been rather normal, I do have some seriously mad threads planned for the week subject to permission of members allowing themselves to be cast....... Or even better if anyone has a mad thread idea PLEASE post it ...

VG x

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  • This is random but have you heard the 1 pound fish song? lol xxx

  • Goes to music section on iPad ....looking for it I smile now or should I look worried??????

    VG xx

  • Rofl ok ok you got me summed up I am a cheap fish.......but please keep it quiet... Just between us ;)

  • lmfao take it youve heard it lol It creases me up everytime xx

  • Oh VG!!! I'm still thinking about yesterdays challenge, not sure I have the fibro power to think and make a decision again so soon. But as a committed devotee to your threads, I will give it a go! Be back in a bit...S x

  • Oh no! I'd love to join in, but its impossible. So many wonderful songs out there that I can't possibly choose just one. I have been through my iTunes library, and struggled to narrow it down to ten, and that is just my opinion today, by tomorrow it could be something quite different

    Em xx

  • Oh believe me tomorrow will be something quite different and I don't just mean songs this weekend I have been a quiet little fish....... Tomorrow well... No I can't say you might all just boycott the forum

    VG xxxx

  • Oh dear! VG, I'm like Maladjusted I can't narrow it down!! Can we play 'Desert Island Discs'? I might be able to join in better. S x

  • Lol you know my threads , just turn it into anything you like M and Summer, go as off track ( insert groan at very bad pun) as you like :D

    VG x

  • Well I can't cope with the record choice of desert island discs. Because whatever I choose today, like M, will be completely wrong for tomorrow! BUT, my luxury would have to be M's reachy/grabby stick so essential for so many daily tasks, and would even come in useful for a spot of billiard s when HRH flies in to rescue me! But before I can go getting myself stranded on a desert island, I need to compile the collected insanity of this forum, and publish it, so I can choose it as my book! Then I get to have you all there with me, still keeping me sane. :-p

  • Keeping you Sane .... No chance.... Compile all the insanity to finish a book ... No chance it will have to be a series.... How can you be stranded on a desert island when most of the forum will follow you..... But you can have the grabber stick its bent and covered in fish scales...


    VG xx

  • Here's a joke song for you - love it or hate it? 'Captain Beaky' featuring hissing sid!

    Is he related to Leroy?


  • I LOVED it and wanted to call my snake Sid, but as he was meant to be my sons snake he called him Leroy ... He's never swallowed a toad.... But .... Looks round for Sandra he did once try to eat a budgie..... Fortunately the cage was shut so he just bounced off the bars

    Don't tell Sandra XXXX

  • OK - here is my 'Fantasy Island' disc choice - for today only, as undoubtedly by morning I will be humming something else

    They are listed in order as they popped into my head and not order of preference as that would be completely impossible.

    1: The Autumn Stone - - Small Faces

    2: I've Changed My Plea To Guilty - - Morrissey

    3: I Can't Make You Love Me - - Either Bonnie Raitt or George Michael - I love both versions

    4: Don't Worry Baby - - The Beach Boys

    5: Forever Young - - Joan Baez

    6: I've Been Loving You Too Long - - Otis Redding

    7: For Emily Wherever I May Find Her - - Simon & Garfunkel

    8: Stones - - Neil Diamond

    9: I'd Rather Leave While I'm In Love - - Rita Coolidge

    10: Dance With Life - - Bryan Ferry

    Yes I know most of them are old, but they are still great songs

    Would love to hear other people's selections

    Em xx

    PS I want my reachy/grabby stick back VG - just straighten it out and give it a wash, it's the most useful thing SS have given me

  • Love the list , eerrmm sorry kazF now has the bent and still unwashed grabby stick, can't you phone SS and request a new saying your old one got bent by a fish with a snake... Playing billiards with royalty And can I be a fly on the wall when you do????? Please........

    My top 10 in no particular order

    Run .... Snow patrol or Leonna Lewis

    So alone .... Avenged sevenfold

    Don't you forget about me..... Simple minds

    Dark paradise..... Lana del ray

    Alone ...... Heart

    Sweet child of mine ..... Guns and roses

    Kiss from a rose...... Seal

    November rain ...... Guns and roses

    21 guns ...... Green day

    Don't let the sun go down on me...... Elton John

  • A serious one this time. 'I feel good' - James Brown

    My OH and I danced back down the aisle to this after our vows - woke everyone up big time, and we got a standing ovation! Bittersweet memory now, but still love the song!


  • Good choices there. would love to have seen your wedding KazF. I have threatened to leave a message to have 'I'm Alive' played at my funeral ;)

  • I would have loved to WATCH Kaz dance I have never danced and not injured someone in my life.... I am not having a funeral as long as I don't die at any Christmas ... I have left my body to medical science... And they close over Christmas ... Amazingly they have accepted my body so hopefully it will be useful

    VG x

  • It was brill. We had all these deep and meaningful readings, wrote our own vows, all solemn and serious, then a quick blast of James brown. Best bit! Oh, except we'd also been taking secret dancing lessons for months, so our first dance was a fully choreographed cha-cha-cha to Tom jones sex bomb!

    Here, for your delight or otherwise is another funny from de-ee-ep in the memory banks - purple people eater!


  • ohhh VG this made me chuckle so much lol as i always sing this song but i say

    big box little box cardboard fish :-/

    xx funny xxx will read more of this when chance as it caught my eye on passing in the gold fish bowl i live in heheheh xxx hugs

  • OMG Sheb Wooley.I had forgotten about him, but have that song on an old vinyl LP (remember them?) up in the loft.

    Used to run a record shop a l-o-n-g time ago, and Saturday afternoons were fun time. The regular customers, and local students got to know and would come in to dance around and act the fool, do music quizzes etc. I can still recall some students doing a weird dance to that one :)

  • The one i cannot stand is ... John lennon ..imagine ..

    Will work on my top ten

    But no i has to be paraniod by ozzy

  • liverpool arport is now liverpool john lennon with the tag line "above us only sky" from "Imagine" some wag added "imagine no possesions..."

  • Strange I can't add mine as I get upset when thinking reasons why i's favourite.

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