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Well today i have been to see my daughter and 2 grandsons then i came home and st on my bed and read my kindle and just really rested up after yesterday. I am still suffering after my London trip so i am jus gonna relax on friday too so dont kno if i will be on here tomorrow much may pop on later in the day will see so dont worry if i am not about hope eveyone ok love to you all diddle xx

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Hello Diddle

I thought it was you who posted about your new laptop (the little one - bad memory today). If it was you - congratulations if not well just ignore my cos I'm nuts.

I was tempted into staying up too late last night so have suffered for it today.

Still hair-dressers tomorrow so that will probably cheer me up a bit!

Hope you've got your energy back by tomorrow!

Whippet x


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