Another day!!!!

hi all hope your all doing ok, I am dreading this week full of appointments and finding it hard to get around ,my main appointment is the ESA on Wednesday tomorrow its my knee consultant and today its CAB for some advice,thursday physio,dont know how i am going to do this with no transport ,I am using 2 walking sticks and my knee keeps giving in,I will keep you posted how it all goes.HUGS XX

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  • Yes not being able to drive is a pain I spend a fortune on taxis as the hospital I have to attend refunds expenses ..... But not for taxis I live 2 miles from the train station and the train station is a mile from the hospital I can't walk that far or anywhere near it so have to get taxis. My husband doesn't drive and all my friends either don't drive either or are at work

    Good luck I am off to the hospital tomorrow. Last time it was a 7 hour round trip for a 15 min appt.

  • thanks Evilena I would get a taxi but I spent my money on taxis this week and dont have enough left my daughter inlaw has just said she will give me a lift this morning thankfully HUGS X

  • Have you asked about hospital transport, I live very rural and I know my hospital does this for people with problems.

  • is there any chance of coming to a compromise with your local taxi firm so some of the cost could be cut hugs xx

  • Thanks they are some good ideas from you all ,hugs x

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