scan day at last

Well at last it is Friday and my scan later.

It has been a very long painful week

I really hope they find some gallstones, this may seem odd but if I have them then they can sort it.

I dont relish an op but if it stops this constant pain that the painkillers dont touch I will do anything.

If I dont have gallstones then that means another wait until they sort out an appointment for an endoscopy and I really dont want one of those.

So keep your fingers crossed for me

I will let you know how I get on later

soft hugs

Penny xx

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  • glad you are going to be sorted at last , x

  • All the best for later, take care Lou x

  • good luck with your scan hope it goes ok love to you diddle x

  • Thank you ladies will let you know

    Hugs penny xxx

  • Good luck Penny,

    Is the scan at Kings Mill?

    Hugs, x x x x x x


  • Thanks Sue,

    yes it is at kings mill


    penny xx

  • Good luck penny, i so hope they find something and can fix it for you. :) hugs, kel xxx

  • Thanks Kel,

    I do hope so will let you know


    Penny xx

  • How did the scan go? I had my gallbladder out 21/2 years ago, after 3 months of almost weekly hospital admissions. The only thing that would shift the pain was morphine. Found out why when I had the op. The stones were massive, they had to break them up before they could get them out! I ended up with pancreatitus because one of the stones blocked the tube to my pancreas. Hopefully they'l take your gallbladder out asap if thats whats troubling you. I hope it is in a way, because the ops usually done by keyhole and the recover times not bad, so it could be worse. Good luck anyway. ps, I have family in your area, my nieces, debbie hood and karen pashley?? xx

  • Hi They are never quick sorting you out are they.

    WOW hat scan was painful, She told me I have lots of little gallstones hence the pain. So now I know,

    It means an op but I dont care if it gets rid of this awful pain I will be happy.

    I just hope the dr will now give me mophine to help with the pain until I have an op


    Penny xx

  • Im glad you've got an answer for your pain at least.

    Dont worry about the op, its a massive relief the next day when the pain has gone! and I was only off work for 2/3 weeks.

    Good luck hun xxx

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