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My turn for a whinge

Hi everyone. Just letting off steam - coz i know many of you will understand. This morning I felt so much better than I have in ages. Not 'well', not pain-free, but comparitively great! I was smiling for no reason other than just feeling something like normal.

Now - for 'no reason' I feel like s*** again. And I STILL have to go and walk the dogs, who are looking at me with 'that look'! All I really want to do is curl up and sleep. Instead - I'm going to have to don the anti-mud gear, go for a paddle in the woods, and wash the mud off the dogs when we get back.

Oh well - sooner I start, sooner I'll be back, ready for that snooze in the arm-chair.

Thanks for listening!

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Whinge away ... it does you the power of good, it's the best therapy out there I find. To let it all out and release those negative emotions.

I do that every day, I have found switching on my video camera and letting it all out to be absolutely wonderful. We all need a good old moan session every once in a while, be it once a month, once a week, once a day, doesn't matter. It how it 'gets a load off your mind' that matters.

We all understand - and support - you doing just that!!

So, vent away and let it all out. Then hopefully you can relax and have that snooze. You deserve it.

Gentle fibro hugz.


i do that aswell ,feel quite "alright" and BAM it all goes wrong ,and like you i could just curl up and sleep ,but i have to get on do mummy stuff ,and really id like to stamp my feet and say "im not playing anymore "

hugs xxx


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