Been swithering about this for a while!

Hi All, hope you are all as well as you can be today...

I've been swithering about making this post and how to go about it for a while now. Having taken some advice from admin I'm going to go ahead and share.

I was diagnosed in February after years of suffering with horrendous fatigue and joint/muscle pain. Since October, I've been taking a fantastic nutritional supplement and I don't exaggerate when I say it's changed my life. I no longer take my antidepressants and the only pain relief I am taking is 500 mg of naproxen on the 2 days a week I work. I am so full of energy, never nap and my bowel problems are practically non existent! I also feel I have far better concentration...something I have really lacked!

The reason I was conflicted is that I now promote this product. I didn't want to lose the support of the community by 'selling stuff'! However, the reason I wanted to promote it in the first place was to help people. I would just really love to hear that it has helped people in a similar situation. I also have a 2 yr old and 9 month old and honestly never thought I would feel 'normal' again. I'm just coping so much better with life than I have done in years!

If you would like more information, please private message me. I am happy to provide a link where you can reach out to another promoter in order that I am not personally benefiting from sharing this with you xx

G x

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  • OK, going to pm you.

  • For anyone who has already been in touch with me, I have spoken to my friend who introduced me to the product (and is far more knowledgeable!) and she is happy to speak with anyone who has more questions x

  • Is that cod oil you are talking about?

  • It's a 3 step supplement Landon, vitamins (lots of B's for energy!) minerals, pro and pre biotics and natural extracts for inflammation x

  • I don't know how to private message. xx

  • Messaged you now Ginawen x

  • I don't know how to pm you. Could you message me, thank you

  • Hi, can you please pm please? Thanks. John.

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