My Contribution to Birdie Day

My Contribution to Birdie Day

I rescue sick feral pigeons and release them when they're healthy. One in particular comes back every day with his friends (for dinner). I had two but one had PMV which affected his central nervous system so he's unable to fly. When his 'brother' flew off, I went to an animal rescue place over 40 miles away to take in a tumber pigeon who has never been allowed to fly, but trained to go up and tumble back down, to bring in racing pigeons. She's white, so easy prey. My PMV pigeon sometimes whizzes around in circles and tips his head upside down. Looks funny but probably isn't. Other than that, he's one very lucky, happy, well fed, comfortable bird, just like his little partner.

The fibro doesn't allow me to do exactly what I'd like, but I have made a childs playhouse for them to live in, with a front a side garden. Not exactly the Ritz, nor exotic, but they like it.

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  • Well done to you, it's safe and cosy for them. Great job gemmagusjessmika . Take care.xx

  • Thank you, that was the idea. I will say, they pay their way by making me happy. xx

  • What a lovely thing to do :)

  • Brilliant...well done! But one of them is headless!!!! Is this normal....hehehe!

  • :) :)

  • Didn't you know that's where the saying comes from Trikki

    "Running around like a headless chicken" he he

    Lu xx :)

    PS Yes I know it's not a chicken but that would have spoilt my saying

  • Bless him, he's the PMV pigeon. Just looks like his head is upside down sometimes. He's lucky to be alive PMV is a killer virus. In the wild, he'd have died a year ago. It's my fault he's still here so I'll do my best to keep him comfy. I will say though, he's quite a celebrity in the neighbourhood. Kids come from all over, to see the pigeon with his head on upside down.

  • Fantastic I swear at the ones who come on my feeder as they are so fat they make the seed tray slide down the pole and they leave nothing for the smaller beds but they are actually extremely interesting. We have three separate bushes in our little front garden and the naughty one who is very tame flys off the feeder and hides behind the bush. I call him and say I can see you and he pops his head around the bush hilarious.πŸ₯🐦🐀

  • Hi rosewine :) My OH has built a 'double' birdfeeder: one side open to all, the other just for small birds with a gothic louvred door and the wall at right angles to it has small gothic windows! It infuriates the collared doves!

  • Ah what a lovely thing to do, well done you, just shows there's still a lot of lovely people out there, 😘

  • Thank you, as long as they like it, all's good.

  • That's lovely gemmagusjessmika - isn't it funny how different things trigger your distant memory?

    Your post has reminded me of when a lad at school (and I'm talking approx. 35+ years ago... aaarrggh!) tried to ask me out by saying "would you like to come and see my pigeons?", he did race pigeons but when you're 15/16 it's not exactly the type of 'date' you imagine yourself going on!!


  • He should have asked me, I'd have loved it. Sadly, 35+ years ago I was already married with a family. Missed the boat again!!! lol

  • Ha ha, you'dve been welcome to him - tho he was the type who thought any girl who spoke to him fancied him, which I found quite creepy and we were having to dance together in a school production!

    Bless him - I can remember all that about him but not his name LOL x

  • Probably just as well.

    Imagine though, if, in his youth he was just an ugly duckling and grew into someone like Daniel Craig, Jude Law or Mel Gibson?

    He sounds a bit shy and insecure to me.

    I remember a similar boy at my school, many many moons ago, though I remember his name, Clifford Mead, hahaha. Nice looking lad but a bit daren't give him eye contact or there'd be hearts chalked on the wall with his and your name memories.

    Oh well, I think I'll stick to my dogs and birds lol x

  • Yeah.... you never know ;)

    The only actor that I know who attended our school (well when it was a grammar school!) was Donald Pleasence - not quite DC, JL or MG.

    NB: it was also WELL before my time there before anyone comments ;)

    Dogs certainly should've been my route, considering my earlier relationships anyway - think I've finally got a gud guy now :O (that's 2nd time I've complemented him on here in 2 days - better not show him my comments or he'll be getting too bigheaded!)


  • hahahahaha only give credit where its due, but try not to overdo it.

    Donald Pleasance was well before my time too and I don't think I'd have been interested in him - with or without pigeons lol

    Glad you've got a good one now. I think I eventually chose the right path. Mustnt grumble.


  • Good for you :) Thanks for sharing xx

  • That is such a wonderful thing to do my friend, thank you so much for sharing it with us :) :)

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