Hi everyone well today I posted off my DLA renewal form (copy of war and peace as I jokingly call it ) I am praying they dont stop my higher rate mobility as I would be lost without my car to get about I cant walk very far at all and certainly cant stand for long some days I am to exhausted to even get up.

I only got it a year ago after review, second opinion and then on appeal they gave me HRM but no care it was so stressful and now just 12 months later I have to fill it all in again cos they only awarded it till September this year :(((

It has taken me a month to fill it in and get all the info together.

So now I have sent it registered delivery as they lost 2 of my forms last year so they have to sign for it, and now the wait !!!!!!! I dread it lets hope for once they just renew it fingers crossed for me everyone xxxx

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  • My husband had to ring them today as I hadn't had any acknowledgement that they'd received my renewal forms which I sent off on May 29th . I was panicking that they'd lost them and it said if you haven't heard from them within 2 weeks to ring them .

    They have received it they said so that's one relief because I didn't fancy filling that lot out again , now begins the long wait to see what tripe they come up with to refuse it. Can you tell I'm not very hopeful of getting it renewed ..... ?

    I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and will you do the same for me ? It's pathetic to put us through this much stress .



  • isnt it just I certainly will keep fingers crossed for you as well its a long slog every time isnt it like beating your head against a wall and getting no results, we are off for a holiday for 10 days on Monday, only in our touring caravan because hubby has put everything possible in there to help me so we can just have a change of scenery so I wanted to get the form filled in before I went so's I dont have to keep worrying about it whilst we are away so good luck to you and lets hope we will both have good news shortly xxx hugs xx

  • Have a lovely time on holiday and hopefully when you get back there'll be a nice envelope full of good news for you .



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