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Limited capability for work questionare


I have just managed to fill in this form at last! was supposed to have it posted back today 21/06/12. Will now have to fill in why I haven't returned it on time.

Had a panic attack when the form came in so put away to deal with later. lost it , found it , filled half in. Realised I was running out of time & had another panic attack. Thought I would fill out form on line only to find I couldn't email it! Am now going to write all this on form & send off to Atos today. Do you think they will stop my benefits?

soft hugs xxx

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Aw bless I hope not but post is good do they will get it and you could pay for next day delivery.

sft hgs xxx


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thanks for your advice penny .I managd to gird my loins n get to the post office. Cost me over £6.00 but it is guaranteed to get there.

soft hugs xxx dottiedog

Whatever you do get proof of posting,also would be a good plan to ring them and tell them its on its way so they cant stop benefits for you,good luck kym.

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kym thanks yes i got proof of posting with my reciept for sending it next day delivery.

fingers crossed it gets there .soft hugs xxx Jill

I was the same and I had to get my daughter to fill in form on very last day and she wrote on it she had come to see me and found me distressed and in tears over this form and that is why she is now filling it in, as shw wrote life should not be about upsetting her mother as she has enough to deal with but ATOS should be more sympathetic and help people.

My money hasn't stopped (yet) but you know what they're like.

All the best with it

softest gentlest hugs



oh Aches thank you for your comment- I feel so stupid sometimes cos I can't deal with silly things like forms. Was very tearful reading this. it's nice to know I am not alone.

soft hugs xxx

Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Soft Hugs

Sue x x x

in reply to soulsusie

thank Sue

feel better now that it's been posted & on it's way.

soft hugs xxx

mine was supposed to be back 2 weeks ago but i just cant fill it in ?

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try & ask someone to help you & get them to write down evey symthom you have on your worsed days. I was soo streeds doing this had to keep coming back to it! Get intouch with DWP or phone the number on the letter . I've has to phone & ask for exta time before. Hope this helps soft hugs xxx dottiedog

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