Well they are in the post so in about 2 weeks should know if i have been successsful? if i am not does anyone know how long you have to wait before you reapply? thats all i have done today and feel like i have posted them personally through the door about 100 miles away lol never mind nearly my favourite time of day Bath time. you all takre care and hope you have a nice evening and painfree night love to you all diddle x

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  • good luck hun hope you get it fingers crossed xx

  • Good luck mine goes off on Thursday after i ve seen my GP to fill in my medical form. I hope i get mine to, keep me posted about your progress with this please. Fingers crossed :}

  • Well sent it off monday 12th got it back sat 17th how good is that hope you are successful i did not have to go to my Gp i jus downloaded form off interenet and filled it in and that was it put in 2 x passport pics and £10 chequwe . did have to give GP details but that was all so Good luck with yours let us know love Diddle x

  • Good luck Diddle :)

  • Woo Woo got it i actually got it sent it 12 th got it 17th i am so pleased it will help me so much it really will i can parknow right outside places i need to be so that is fantastic thanks for supporting me love to you and yours diddle x

  • good luck i got mine on sat just gone it took about 2 weeks to get it xxx

  • wow i was lucky then mine was 5 days !!!! thanks for your wishes and now i dont have to worry about parking and walking love to you diddle x

  • Got it and thankyou me too will be invaluable to me love to you Diddle x

  • good luck with your application Diddle

  • Got it thankyou love to you diddle x

  • Good luck - having a Blue Badge has been a real Godsend to me. x

  • Got it in 5 days thankyou it will be to me too love diddle x

  • I posted mine about 3 weeks ago and got a letter back saying they are going to contact my Doctor before making a decision. Hope you hear back soon.

  • Oh i just sent it and got it back in 5 days but different catchments and councils seem to do things diffreent some people said they went to their local library and done it there some done it on phone i jus downloaded form and got my own pics and sent it off but hope you are successful, love diddle x

  • So pleased for you Diddle - enjoy!

    Good luck to anyone else who is applying :)

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