Sorry.....its another rant!

So here I am, 3am and another sleepless night up to now (not what I needed with going on holiday tomorrow!) Casully browsing through facebook to see pictures of a work colleague in V festival from the weekend just gone. What has made me sooooo angry is that this girl phoned in sick to work and it was me who had to cover some of her work even though I am physically unable to do it at the moment! This has made me so angry! Here I am struggling just to get through each day but having to work as firstly I can't afford to be off sick and secondly because other people phoned in sick only to find out they have had a lovely weekend with all their friends and I wasn't even able to take my daughter to the park as I was in so much pain from helping cover this girls work! I. Am not usually a snitch in work but considering this girl is meant to be my friend aswell as a work colleague and she couldn't even send me one message in my time off work to see how I was I am seriously considering telling them in work what pictures I have seen!

I do apoligise for my rant but I know that you will all understand why this has made me. So angry!

Hopefully I will drift off into a peacefull sleep now I have this off my chest!


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  • I can understand your anger Holly; don't do anything in temper though; you have got to work with the girl afterall.

    You could play it crafty and tell her how silly she is posting her pictures after phoning in sick and how poorly you were as a result of covering her work, how you are not the sort to tell on her but she'd be sensible getting rid of the pics before someone does or sends the links to the bosses etc etc - her owing you a few favours over this might be better for you in the long run. Am I devious or am I devious?

    Julie xx

  • hi i totally agree with julieevh dont do anything whilst you are angry but i would tell the girl that you haveseen the pics which means others will have and if they report her she will get the sack then you have covered yourself

    also say to her joking but serouos how you had to do the extra work and waht that meant to you like not being able to do anything that weekend and see if she apologises or looks sorry some people are just so selfish arent they love to you diddle xxxxx

  • All I can say is "what a nice friend"! NOT, I can't stand liar's.

    I would be as annoyed as you,don't let her spoil your holiday,have fun,Sandy.

  • Hi I agree with others do do anything rash you are right and we know how you feel.Isnt it Murphys law as they say.Take care enjoy your break, take deep breaths and put stress on the back burner its not good for your health.take care lots of love

  • Hi so sorry fingers are not working too well this am my comment should have said "dont do anything rash ........................My husband has just had a hip replacement and has heart problems, and is coming home today so I have been through the mill but in different way no op etc and drugs but STRESS which I have dealt with.

  • Thank you all for your responeses. You are all right so rather than do anything now I am going to wait until I get back from my break away and then speak to the girl directy and let her know the effect her pulling a sicky had on me.

    Having my rant helped though as I was able to drop off to sleep!


  • I think you have done the right thing in putting your frustration here where we understand. Glad you had a sleep after. Please put it out of your mind and have a lovely time with your daughter xx

  • Hi H, I wouldn't do anything rash either however justified you would be. Once things are said, they can't be unsaid. I don't know where you work or what type of work but I know in my work (when I could still do it) this would be considered gross misconduct with immediate dismissal and loss of benefits including pension. So it might have much greater implications than you really want it to.

    However, I wouldn't hesitate to confront your 'friend'. When I was teaching I had a workmate take Friday off to go to Glastonbury. She told me, assuming I wouldn't say anything, which I didn't but Friday was usually a good day for me with two preparation periods. That Friday I had to cover two of her classes which meant doing preparation along with the usual marking at the weekend. By the time she got back on Monday, I was furious and boy, did I let her know - privately though. I told her she was selfish bxxxx.

    I felt better after that, I know it's difficult confronting people face to face but I always feel better once I've had my say.

    Hope you have something nice happening at the weekend.

    Christine x

  • Lovely, by the time I'd finished typing my long response (I'm famous for them and with the fibro fog, I always type in word and spell check first), you had already come to the same conclusion yourself! Well done for letting of steam here first though. That's what we're for.

  • Hi I'm still new here so if I'm sticking my nose where it don't belong just let me know, I think you should let her stew have a good holiday and when you get back maybe drop a few hints or you could bring it out into the open ask why she felt she had to lie to you, that sort of thing, well have a good holiday clear away the cobwebs as they say .

  • Not sticking your nose in what so ever! That is exactly my plan lol! I am going to drop some very loud hints when I get back but enjoy my holidays first x

  • Hi, H. Although you were the one that suffered for her selfish behaviour as to the extra work you had to do, she may inadvertantly end up the one who suffers long term. If you saw the pictures then chances are others in your place of work will have done so too. Unless you are her only'Friend' on FB !! You may come back from your very hard earned holiday to find she has already got her just deserts. At least you could share your rant before replying to the pictures on FB and thus you will in no way be responsible for any repercussions. Tempting tho I bet it was to reply immediately. Well done you for resisiting the urge!! Anyway. Forget it all and have a good time. Lots of sunshine???? XX

  • Yes I am hoping other people will have mentioned what they have seen as well! Hopefully lots of sunshine, we are in south wales and it is warm although not sunny but just being here I feel the most relaxed I have done in weeks which feels great


  • Oh no some rain. I do hope you get some sunshine before you have to go home xx

  • I have no hesitation on my reply to this one - I would very politely confront your friend and tell her (as messages have said above) if you've seen her pics, others will have too etc etc. At least then you will have got it all off your chest telling her. I wouldn't report her though, the repercussions might not be pleasant for you if she found out and you don't need that.

    Whatever you do don't dive in raging, you could lose your friendship and cause yourself stress at work, it's not worth it. Take care. :)

  • Yeah I'm glad I had my rant on here as it did stop me loosing my rag with her. Thank you all for being so understanding


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