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Oh please God.....NO!!!!!

As i write this blog i have an awful feeling as to what is heading my way. On the left side of my face my teeth are hurting, my left tonsil bed is too so it hurts to swallow and pains are creeping up my jawline into my can only mean that the trignemal neuralgia is on its way for a revenge attack!!!!

I really, really cant deal with this at the moment, i am still rough from the weekend and this ain is undescribable when it attacks, i go literally out of my mind with pain...remember last time when i was popping tramadol and strong so sodamol like smarties and cause the whole site to go into major panic mode?

My OH is movving to Canada on saturday so we've got so much to do and my little girl is poorly too so i need to look after her...i cant believe this is happening now!!!!

I think it was Lindsay who said this neuralgia was nicknamed "the suicide pain" and i totally understand why! I cant go through this again.....what can i do? Is there anyway i can ward off an attack? Does anyone else have trignemal neuralgia on the forum?

Please help me!!!!! xx

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Oh charlii, how hard for you. I'm sorry I don't know much about it, but are there some meds you can get at the start to ward it off? Go see GP?

I don't have any advice but just wanted you to know that someone heard you, and is sympathetic. Any nerve pain is so awful. I get it elsewhere. I really hope someone can give advice on stopping it from taking hold. Try posting on the pain concern and invisible illness forums too, in case someone can help. Take care.


No real advice either Charlii, except to say call your gp as soon as you can or ask your usual pharmasist for advice, I am crossing my fingers tight that this is not like last time and will go away xx


Hi Charlii

The medicine usually given for Trigeminal neuralgia is 'carbemazepine' - trade name Tegretol.

Ordinary pain killers don't work for TN, so you need to ask your doctor to give you something more specific. If you are in severe pain right now, you need to go to A&E and have treatment to stop the attack developing.

So sorry you have this trouble again, but do act quickly so that you don't have that awful situation again!

Love, Moffy x


Hi Charlii

So sorry to hear this. I remember the last time, and how awful that was for you. Please take Moffy's advice and get immediate medical help.

Thinking of you, and sending you very soft and gentle hugs. ((((()))))



Hi and thank you for your kind messages of support, i really appreciate them. This morning the pain is stable, its bearable and hasnt got any worse through the night which was my biggest worry. I do know that sometimes you can get like a "warning" attack where it just fades away again so im praying for all i am worth that this is one of those..

Much love Charlii xx


You might well have myofascial pain syndrome which is very common with fibro patients, it can happen in any part of the boyd but when your face is affected is a truly horrible face pain but mine has been treated by mouth frames - one for night and one for day - and it really helps the pain. I also use trigger point massage on my face, which helps a lot, the only problem is that I can't get to one muscle called the lateral pteragoids (I think that's how its spelt!!) because its behind the jawbone. You need to get it diagnosed first.


Poor you Charlii. You have my full sympathy as I had an attack at the end of November, and it was horrendous, so I hope you find it doesn't get worse, in the past they've talked of usin gamma knife treatment for me, but I really don't want to go down that path unless its the last resort. Sending you lists of helping thoughts and gentle hugs. Foggy x


Hi Charlii

I hope you have called the doctors and are getting the treatment that you really need. If not do it now.

I have an ear jnfection, which us bad enough, along with a flare, let alone what you must be going through.

I really hope that you are feeling a bit better soon.

Take care



I have my first appointment later this month at the pain clinic so im really hoping they will be able to do something...not sure what but something xx


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