My sister has got to go to windsor on wed to purchase a new machine for her alon and be trained on it she wants me to go with her for the day and have the training too as she wants me to use the machine on her , it is the new craze like lipo suction but non surgery i wont be needing that lol but alot of people are asking for it so she is gonna take a machine on and go with it

the only thing is i really want to go it will be a lovely day out but it is bout 3/4 hour journey and also 2 hour training and then the journey back and of course my side kick FIBROMYALGIA will be coming along to spoil it all i hate how it comes to everything ad just messes me up for days after and on the day my head will be like mush by the time i get there and there fore i wont be able to concentrate on anything but thereyou go . we all just have to get on with it dont we love to you all Diddle xxxx

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  • Well whadayaknow! We have the very same irritating side kick who likes to tag along uninvited! He's such an evil son-of-a-gun eh? :-P

    Hugs & love,

    Carol xx

  • you are right about the horrible sidekick,i had go to north wales a couple of days ago,felt awful time got there,and then we had to do sweeping out a house becuase of floods.don,t want to go again,just feel want to stay home,not see any one.but we have get on with tasks no matter what we feel.

  • It is a bit of a downer when we have a nice day planned or have something that really needs to get done and we are struggling to get moving or look forward to it cos of this dammed Fibro. Sometimes the best thing I can do is take some pain meds with me but also some pain relief gel that can be rubbed into the painful area which sometimes gives relief. Hope you managed to have a good day and manage to get through it alright.


    Sarah x

  • Reasuring to know I am not the only one that dreads going anywhere because of the discomfort of doing anything, we recently went away for a weekend with a group of people in a geneology group my husband is in and I dont mean any disrespect but we are the youngest in the group and throughout the weekend people were waiting for me and helping me along it was awful, but I still want to do things, do stairs cause as many problems to others as they do me ???

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