Work? children, Left side pain and having a rant!

Hi all not written a blog for ages. I've been on and reading your blogs but just tired and hands hurt too much to write my own. I'm having a rough time at work at moment, only work two days and that's stressful enough! Missed two days last week due to my children off with one shoulder in sling after bike ride, second fractured fingers from playing netball, third suspected chicken pox and my eldest is suffering from depression. ( he's only 14:-(14) yesterday drove for an hour and s half to take my daughter to the orthodontics! Fine when I came back but then my left arm, side began hurting its agony I had an injection a month ago and wondering if its worth going for another! At the moment I can't see me going to work next week again! Last week I offered to go in another day instead but a colleague said their policy said I wasn't allowed to do that! Even though I've done that in the past and only offering to help out with work load r honestly you'll offer to help you get a slap in the face! :@

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  • hi what a week , so much happening no wonder you fibro has kicked into play mode. Not sure whats going on with these awkward bosses @ the moment but you know you offered so you can't do any more, you need to look after yourself as well as your family, i know we all put ourselves last but how about a cinema day ? curtains pulled and all sat together watching a film with maybe treats something really naughty like a tin of xmas chocs . warmest hugs x

  • Thanks irisjoy. It's nice to get some sympathy. This condition can be so lonely sometimes, it's just so annoying nice day could do so much if only. .

  • Sorry you're having a rough time. I agree with irisjoy and the cinema day sounds lovely. Depression is an awful thing and at 14 we don't have enough coping strategies to manage. Is there any help available locally?

    hugs to you all,


    have you tried using the on-screen keyboard? that's what I use.

  • Yeah I am getting help through CAHMS with my son thanks Sandra. I've taken two of my co codamols today and totally chilled out at moment! Could sleep for ages! :-)

  • Hi there. Sorry you are having a rough time. These things always seem to happen together don't they? My son is now 24 but he suffered really badly at that age too. it is such a rotten time with hormones serging around and feelings they don't understand plus the pressures of life.It seems like it will never come to an end but have faith there is light at the end of the tunnel and it sounds like he is getting help.

    Piggie hugs. Xxxxxxx

  • Hi do you mind measking how long he suffered with depress

    ion and did he miss s lot of school? :

  • Hi If i remember rightly it was at it's worse for about a year. He was also bullied a lot and did have a lot of time off but not all at once (if that makes sense?) he would be ok for a while and then off again. kids are so horrible at that age. School were very good and sent work home. Do you know what has brought it on?

    Piggie hugs xxxxx

  • No but it's a bit weird as he wants to go to school but he has a sort of panick attack and so upset that he can't go. It 's so sad to see but at least because I've had depression myself I can be there for him. Thank you it comforting to know I'm

    not alone. X

  • What a tough week you are all having I hope the weekend brings some quality rest for all of you!

    I wonder why he is panicked those attacks are so horrid take the wind out of your sails hopefully it will b better on Monday

    x gins

  • Thank you Gims x feel like a zombie this morning! Hands wrists and shoulders hurting and supposed to be working tomorrow!

  • Thank you Gims x feel like a zombie this morning! Hands wrists and shoulders hurting and supposed to be working tomorrow!

  • Hi, I admire you for coping with such a lot of problems and stressors in one week especially when you are coping with pain as well. You said your eldest son is suffering from depression -I don't know whether he tells you that or whether it's just that you have noticed he is depressed, but if he's telling you that's brilliant as he's not lost the capacity to turn to you for help which is a positive sign. There are so many reasons for young people to be depressed, especially with the recession. Does he have a dad around who he gets on with? I wonder whether your son can be encouraged to think about what he would ideally want from life and then perhaps you could help him think about how to begin moving towards those goals? It probably sounds like more work but if he is willing to talk probably it would ease the worry you are probably feeling about him. Teenagers! Broken bones, teeth problems, homework, falling out with friends, sex becoming important. I don't know how they cope either. I didn't really cope at all with most of the teenage demands, instead just finding a nice steady boyfriend with whom I had sex and felt safe: at least that kept me away from all the risks of drugs and promiscuity until I was old enough to handle them. I mostly missed out on having to deal with my kids teenage years as I separated from my husband and was too busy working, so my ex-husband had more of the day to day stresses to deal with. Combining work and four teenagers must feel hellish sometimes, although I guess you do all have good times together sometimes. At least you retain your sense of humour! Good luck and hope you feel better soon.xx

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