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My Rather Bad Doctors Appointment

As I am waiting for my tribunal, I am having to send in my sick notes once a month. One of the doctors called me in for a review yesterday morning, and I am miffed that I didn't ask for another doctor.

He came across rude, patronizing, and did not bother to read my notes amongst a few things.

I have had problems with this doctor before, and surprisingly no other doctor at the surgery (one who has been good and a bit more understanding).

He said that the FM was more or less because of my weight. He said that I would be having a work assessment and they would declare me fit for work. (Okay erm, already had that ... ) He would know this if he bothered to ask. And I couldn't get a word in edgeways either. He then went on to say that there would be nothing stopping me getting a part time job as a receptionist or something like that, that is when he said that the sick notes will eventually stop.

He tried to push the meds for weight loss onto me, and when I declined he asked why. He asked why I stopped taking the Citalopram as well. I said it was because I think with all anti depressants that they do make me put on weight.

He moaned about a male coming in to get my sicknotes (me ex who I stay with picks them up if I can't) and I DO phone them in like I was told. But he made out that my ex just walked in and got me one ...

Now for the piece de resistance: Walking FOUR miles a day taking my daughter to nursery is not enough exercise!! What the ... I felt rather, well, rubbish (putting it politely) after hearing that. I can control the pain unless it get's too bad, the fatigue I can't no matter how hard I try.

He made the comment of: 'We have to show that you are doing something.' Yes I am well aware of that, but the female doctor I normally see put me forward for counselling and put me on the Citalopram and said there is not really much else they can do in that sense. Admittedly she is a little more understanding and not so rude and harsh.

I am doing my best concerning my weight as I do have Poly Cystic Ovaries which is not helping the weight loss, but the FM I have had since I was 15 (16 years now). And I was a size 10/12 back then.

My mum is being VERY un-supportive as well. Which puts me down even more. I know I have to lose weight, and I am trying my very hardest without putting myself in more pain and tiredness. Been told now to change my doctor surgery. Tempting to do right now.

I am at a loss, after hearing what I did from the doctor. I feel worse than I did before.

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you know it drives me mad why oh why deos none of theses drs understand, and who the hell do they think they are. I know they are under pressure by the goverment to stop giving sick notes out. But why do thney pick on us. I hoep[ you find a good dr who will be more supportive. I have weight issues but that did not give me diabetes of osteoathritis or fibro. just hope you get the support you need soon tajke care


Kaige i am so sorry you ahve been treated like this, its appauling.

I really would put a complaint in about him and ask for him to never phone or speak to you again. I had a run in with a woman doctor once before i was dx. My lips had went numb and i felt really ill so i phoned for a doctor and they gave me an appointment.

Well i went in the room and started telling all and she shouted me down and said this is not an emergancy. She started huffing and puffing. She then went on to saying i will give you a full blood count bjut i need to get on. I was gobsmacked, confused and i was really ill so i just left in silence.

I got a phone call a week later to come as my bloods were not right, they said that same doc wanted to see me. I said i didnt want that doc as she was rude unproffesional and i dont want to feel like how she made me feel again. The receptionist said that i should make a complaint but i didnt i just wanted to know what was wrong with me and get better. When i went my thyriod was sereiously underactive and i was anemic. So i was poorly. I have never seen that doctor again since then, and never noticed her on the boards in there neither. So maybe the receptionist said something.

Please dont hang on this doctors words, and yes your are doing something and i tottally understand about your tablets putting weight on as mine has. My specialist said that i needed to loose weight and he was so nice about it that i have listened to him and i am trying my hardest to eat healthy.

Please see ask to never see that doctor again, as they will not let him anywhere near you if you do.

Good luck with getting a new doctor.

hugs, kel xxxx


The best thing was when he said: 'I am not trying to be harsh or anything, but there are some things you need to change.'

I admit though, I was so angry at the time I was trying so hard not to laugh.

I have to go back on the 25th, and I am going to make sure I see someone else, then I can get moved to another doctor. He put something on my daughter's notes when she was going through the danger toddler phase (falling off the sofa and knocking her head) and the sister that I sometimes see had to correct it. I am going to ask to see my notes, and my daughters. I do not trust this doctor no more.

Kel your old doctor sounds like a right ole battalaxe. :)

I have the health centre not far from me, so I will go back there.


Hi Kaige,

I have had a problem with a doctor too who would not accept that I had FM, eventhough I had been diagnosed by another doctor at the surgery and he referred me to a specialist with a letter that basically said that I was making it all up just to get benefits. When I saw the my specialist he was appaulled and wrote a letter to the doctor suggesting that he re educated himself on the diagnosis and treatment of FM as I was a text book case. The specialist then went to to refer me to a pain clinic to attend an 8 week pain management course. On the course I had a pain medication nurse, occupational therapist, physiotherapist and psychologist who were so appaulled by the treatment that I had had that they too wrote letters to the doctor. So just keep changing doctors and pushing to see a specialist you will get the help u need.

As for weight loss and exercise I have lost 4 stone in weight and in October of this year am intending to run a half marathon for Fibromyalgia UK with the view to working up to running a full marathon and I STILL have FM!! So your doctor is talking out of his rear end to put it mildly. Yes exercise does help but it has to be very slowly built up and by no means cures FM. I still have to go to bed and sleep for days when I have a flare up.

Be strong as there is help out there.


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hi you have an unusual name i hope this idiot doctor is not from some place where you are judged before you open your mouth if you get my drift. i am fairly new to uk and had some odd treatment when they found out where i came from. eventually i learned about the phrase duty of care and when being treated like an imbecile by one doci asked him about his duty of care and it actually worked lol. but all this aside i have learned in life if some one tells you that you are a female dog r u...... well no u r not so then dont let one persons shaded opinion affect you there are some good doctors out there i hope you find one soon butterfly hugz petal


I have had issues with this doctor before. But as I needed my Med 3 note I had no choice but to see him. He does come across as up his own ... I am moving surgery, had enough now. As much as I like some of the staff there, it's not just the doctor that pee's me off. So I am going to move back to the Health Centre. At least there they are a bit more understanding. :)


you go girl dont stop till you get the best. butterfly hugzpetal


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