Doctors today!

Been for test reults etc., Apparantly the first first test had very high levels of a particular anit-body, thats why the doctor wanted the blood test that we failed to get enough blood for but had the blood test again and thanks to the amount of water and tea I've been chugging my nurse got what she need, including a dost of Elsineds jokes. If the levels are as he expects them to be My doctor is going to start me on Salazopyrine to try and suppress the amount of activity, he talked again about the sero-negative arthritis and went back through my notes back to 2000, talk abut a shopping list of fibro & alsorts, he mentioned sero-negative-ankylosios something or other, dont know why but I go blank in the doctors, I should take a tape recorder with me!!. Good news is, he isnt retiring, said he had a few years of the government trying to de-moralise him first, [his words ken, not mine!!] but was happy he is on holiday next week, going to the races and lookig forward to it. Bless him. Lyzzie x

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  • God bless you and hope you get a solution and a resolve soon . wish i had suck a dedicated doctor ... xx

  • lyzzie, I know your glad that's over and done with.It seem you have a good dr , Glad he's going to be around for a while.Take care and have a good night. Peck.🐤

  • Im trying peck, its 2am here, but Ive given up and got up, Ive found an adaptation of Wuthering Heights on the tv so I'll watch that and do some writing, I've a new idea in my head, plus thought Id try writing a diary, its the ulcer thats keeping me awake, its never very comfortable when its been cleaned, but Im tired, I want to go to sleep. Oh well, I'll watch Wuthering instead, Tom Hardy is the villain, and he makes a good one, doesnt he.

    Take Care, Lyzzie x

  • Hey lyzzie, Sorry to hear your not sleeping it's only 915pm here I just got done making reservations as we are going out of town end of august .Trying to talk with people that don't speak English is pain in my *** !!! I don't get it?? I hope sleep comes soon I don't mind staying up late but getting up early ....that's another story lol Take care my friend, Peck.🐤

  • Thanks for the reply Peck, I suppose Im just in a mood because im tired, wouldnt it be wonderful to just go to bed and wake up in the morning just like we did when we were children. Are you going any where interesting? I havnt been away on a holiday for years, but my farming friends have just brought a bungalow in Kessingland [thats on the Norfolk Coast] and once its done they have suggested it would suit myself and another friend, plus Bugs could come with us too. something to think about. Early isnt my time either, Take care. Lyzzie x

  • Yes to be a kid again!! My mom turns 80 and we are having her a party so me and OH going about half way and stay over a few nights and then drive into the town my family lives in.Will be nice just to get away.We do this several times a year...well maybe 4 to me that's a lot when I have to pack etc...... you know what I mean lol Hope you get some sleep. Peck.🐤

  • thanks peck, its 3.30am here now, Im going to go back to bed now, sigh of relief from the dog, If I am asleep tomorrow morning Im not going to get up just because it is morning, good grief, definately time to try and sleep, that didnt make sense! Goodnight. Lyzzie.zzzzzz

  • Hi my friend

    I am so genuinely sorry to read this and I sincerely hope that they can get it all sorted for you. Sounds like a good doctor to me! Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

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