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I am so excited i am going over to see my little Grandson this morning he is 2 today bless him i got him a little bike and my youngest bought him the hat and pads to go with it and a nice red/blue bell so cant wait to see his little face bless him his brother got bike a month ago so thiought i would get him one for his birthday lol

He is having a thomas The Tank cake as he is obsessed with trains bless and they are taking him for a carvery meal at top of their road i cant go as i have got to have a part put on my car later todaysome leg/suspension thing ( i know all the technical names lol) it was an advisoty on my mot a month ahgo had all others done jus this one my partner does cars but he cant do it at min as no room in his drive (funny thing is if any one else now called him to do a repair he would do it ????) jus seems no room for my car lol but i have made him feel really guilty lol and so he should and anyway the part was 68 when he priced it few weeks ago the mot station charging 85 for part and to do it so not that bad is it MEN (sorry not all of you ) makes you laugh dont it , i am wanting him to com round in next few days and say oh repairing this or that car next week then i will really let rip as you can tell by this blog i am bit fed up about it !!!!!!!!can you tell??????? well would you be annoyed ???????

Anyway lucky for me my parents paying for it but that not the point .

but best bit of the day is having bit of birthday cake yummy yummy

hope you all have a lovely day

love diddle xxx

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Hope you have a lovely time with your grandson-they are a real blessing arnt they xx


aww so lil grand diddle is two today HAPPY BDAY LIL sorry bout your car and i would be andry too.i dont drive apart from driving people mad but i no of people who have been ripped off.have a lovely day with lil diddle lol,lv and fluffy hugs fm me :) xx


Happy second birthday to your grandson diddle, hugs, kel xxxx


i hope you have al ovely time with your grandson 2 aah bless dont eat all the cake we tend to know what u are like with cakes.

have lots of gentle fun

Lin x


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