fed up :(

at the minute my life sucks!! they tell me to avoid stress .. ha! my partner has jst been diognosed borderline personality and has stage three cancer cellS only found out last week ... they are accessing my son for autism becoz of his emotinal problems, hes only ten and tried to hang himself, i have fibri, celiac disease and hyper mobility and scoliosis in my spine... how on earth am i ment to avoid stress my life is stress... i cant escape it!! nobody in my family gets that am ill.. i look fine !! havnt seen any of them for 4 days not even a fone call to see how i am ... am stuck here on my own trying to occupy my son who never stops talking at me or making strange noises my partner is has just tried to jump off a bloody bridge ... i dont know how much more i can take!! oh and to top it off am now going bankrupt as i cant work... and whilst all this is happening i have to do my exams so i can get in to uni!! sorry Rant over ....

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  • Hiya xoxox

    OMG! My heart goes out to you!!! This is far from an easy time for you! Have you got a social worker for yourself??? Also, have you applied for DLA?

    I talked to my GP about stress that I was going thru, and he helped to put people in place for me to get help...Sending angels to help you, along with love and blessings xoxo

  • Hi sass,not a lot to add as I think Christine has coverd it all.

    Just want you to know you are in my thoughts,

    Sending you much love and warm Hugs Butterfly54xxxxxxxxx

  • Hey sass, I can only agree with Christine there are people out there who can help. See your GP and maybe do what I do, I write a list of things I want to discuss with her and if I am feeling particularly crappy I write my feelings down as well. That way I don't forget anything, oh and I always make a double appointment as the last thing you want is your doc telling you half way through you talking that your time is up.

    Sending you loads of gentle hugs and angels to watch over you. Know that you are loved (((((x))))

  • hiya,no one really knows wot you go through,no one walks in your shoes only you !bet you wish you could change them! people dont truly understand fibro at all,it really is the illness that keeps giving hey ? ! I work full time,killin myself and yet again life has a way of giving surprises ! my son at 19 just had a heart attack out of the blue and all of a sudden is stuck to me like superglue oh well ,life is fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hi just seen yr comment, i really hope yr sons ok.. and yes yr right just when u thik things cant get any worse BAM!! it hits u ...

    take care hun. you and yr son are in my thoughts ..

    sass xx

  • thank you everyone,

    my son has a social worker but has only met him once to see hello that wa 6 months ago now he only comes to the school meetings, i have a worker from banardos and she is wonderful, and his helping me to the best of her abilites. i am in the middle of filling out forms for DLA, though doubt very much they will giv it to me as i failed my esa medical and am going to a tribunral for that. i am waiting for an appointment with talking therapies but its not classed as urgent so am on a waiting list. some days are better then others just latly i havnt been sleeping as my doctor suddenly stopped my nite time pills with no warning just rang for my repeat and got a call back saying she was prescribing them any more. my partner has gone awol so am left on my own and with all the bank holidays am stuck at home with nothing..its so hard and i feel so guilty on my son as i cant do anything with him. thanx for all your kind words now i dont dont feel quite so alone xxx

  • Oh Sass im so sorry that things are so difficult for you right now. Its impossible to avoid stress especially when you are a mum.The fibro gives us enough stress with out all your other difficulties. I dont know where i would be if i didnt have my faith in a god that can do the impossible.My church family have been my support when family and "friends" couldnt deal with my difficulties. I wish i could help you but all i can do is say i understand how it can feel when everything is going against you. I understand how it feels to have a partner with mental health issues and family members with cancer.Please seek help where ever you can find it and accept any offers. I will remember you in my prayers. My Lord has answered my prayers before,i have no reason to doubt him now.xxxxx

  • thank you for your kind message,

    yeah things are really diffucult being a mum with fibro... i feel so bad that i cant do the things i should with him.. its so hard and he demands my attention all the time, yet he's so loving and caring and try to look after me, which then i feel guilty for as he shouldnt have too...

    the guilt is the worst u want to give your kids the best in life...

    thanx again

    sass xx

  • i dont no what to say apart from you and your family are in my thoughts and hope you all get the help you need xx

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