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It really hit home today how much this blessed fibro has changed my life!!!!!!! and it was horrible :(

i am only 47 this year and i should be able to do so much like playing with my grandsons on their wii fit but no i cant

i cant jump with them on their trampoline either

this fibro has taken alot from me in the last 2 years and i dont think that i will ever forgive it for what it has done i could cry !:(

But i cant get like that !

Ok so i cant do those things but i can read to them and playnboard games on the floor

so we must always try to think of what we can do rather than what we cant the more positive we keep the better we will feel in ourselves

love to you all and i am off now to jus chill out on sofa with my doggy rusty and my partner when he comes in a bit love diddle x

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Just want to send you a big gentle hug xxxxxxxxxxxx

diddle the thing is you love them to bits granchildren are GR8 Ihave te same problem I have two who live in West sussex and we only see them now and then and I cannot pick them up :-( but I can get down and play on the floor and cuddle them to bits I know it hurts but we do it I also love to read to then both Jake loves cars and Ella loves fairies :-) well enjoy your chill out x

soft hugs ))) Allan .

Gentle hugs, Diddle. xx

Hugs diddle.

The one thing we can hold on to that Fibro does give us is compassion for other people , especially those in pain . And the understanding that not all disabilities are visible .

And the cakes..... we can for the most part still enjoy the cakes of course !!


I feel the same Diddle but I'm sure they love you just the way you are. They won't mind you not being able to do all these things, they will just remember what a great and loving Grandmother they have!. Dont let it get you down/ Love Angela xx

Hi Diddle, the way i get over this inconvinience is knowing how time with our grandchildren is that we have more time & patience with them, not the fact we cannot do certain things as we used to do.

Your grand children will probably think you are extra special...playing board games & reading to them, i know how frustrating life can be. I was thinking of trampolining....if that was me being able to bounce up and down...not that i can !!! i do enjoy my food...i visualise the children landing so high up they would land on a, how would i explain that senario !

Keep up the cake tasting...hope you feel better today. gentle hugs love Mary xxx

lol yeah i am def good\at cake tasting love diddle x

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