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Fed-up with fighting fibro?

In the 6 years since my diagnosis I have managed to stay positive and have a strong attitude to fighting this ghastly condition, but I can feel that I am slowly "losing my battle" to stay positive and "on-top-of-things". Should I admit defeat and "give-in" and let fibro overwhelm me completely? It is so hard to remain positive, when nobody around me can see or feel what life is really like for me, and the " daily battle" I have to motivate myself. Does anyone else feel like this? How can I keep "fighting the battle?" I am sorry this sounds so "negative" but any advice would be warmly welcomed love to all xx

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Hi honey i too am struggling with my fibro, tendonitis and hms. I feel like a fraud as nobody really knows what it's like, i'm very defensive at the mo and hate that i can't contribute to the finance's of the house i guess i feel a burden to my Man and daughter. I don't know how you can feel better as i don't know how bad your fibro is. I am mobile and can tollerate a lot of certain kinds of pain infact i would prefere to just have the pain but the fibro fog, exhaustion, clumbsiness and confusion could go take a hike. I have just managed a walk with my dog and did some errands so feel a bit better. Is it possible you can get out ? maybe talk to someone? Hope you feel better soon xxxx


We are all the same unless you have fibro people don't understand

But you know although we all have these period of feeling like you

we have a few good days as well, I know it's hard I have the same

Problems I still work only 22 hours but I work with doctors and nurse

Who although they don't say to my face,I know they think I am putting

The pain on.

I just look round me a I know I still like in a lovely world, give my dog a

Cuddle come in here with people who understand, and hope that tomorrow

Will bring a better day,

Sooner or later it will be found why we have this, there are such a lot

Of people with fibro they will find a cure or a medication.

When you feel like this go to your favourite place with a bar of chocolate

And think at least it's not life threatening, and there are people out there

For you and you may not think so but I am sure your family love you

Just sit and chill out for an hour relax your brain. sit by your self with

No noise

some times you know that's all we think about the pain and lack of sleep

People not understanding, sit and not think of these things, get a book on

Yoga meditation it does help. It does not take it all away but puts your

Brain in a better place

Hugs viv


Hi, I know it's a daily battle, I have arthritis too, somedays I do give in and sit snuggled up feeling sorry for myself and then Suddenly you get a good day that lifts you up and keeps you able to keep on going... My family are great but even they sometimes say things that leave me ranting as they ask me to do something I would have done 5 years ago no problem...

This site is here for fun, help advice but just as importantly somewhere to rant when you are having a bad day week however long cos we all understand what it's like

VG x


I agree very grumpy, you get to say here what you cant to your family or friends or colleagues because were all in the same dodgy boat! We understand now we have been diagnosed with Fybromyalgia that all these odd symptoms and tiredness and irritability and pain and numbness and all the rest that curse us are normal for this condition, so it helps us from going mad!!


oh hun i know exactly how your feeling ,my fubros real bad at mo and its so terribly hard to stay positive .i forced myself to go out today and every flamin step was hell and i felt on verge of collapse ,but one thing i hold onto my sister has same condition and lately she has been having (good day) so this has kind of give me hope that good days may be on the horizon in the future ,please try to remember there are people out there feeling exactly the way you do and from what i see there is a lot of fellow sufferers who are glad to support .who knows you may have a run of good days .my thoughts are with you stay striong xxx


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