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Fed up. Down in dumps

Hi. I posted last week about doctor weening me off amitryptiline so I can start on citalopram. Anyway I have been on it a week now. All appears ok with it but I am in so much pain and incredibly tired from the fibro. I went back to doc today to review the tabs and I asked for something other than patacetamol n codeine for the fibro but was told no because they want to settle me on the citalopram first. Does anybody know why I cant have any meds for the fibro . I know nobody is medically trained but some advice would b nice. Thanks juliekp

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I'm not sure whether I read it wrong but I'm not sure the answer was a no, just a not yet?

My doctor would look into 'better' painkillers than you are on if I wanted. I'm currently on same as you. ..but they make me a lot more foggy as it trying to stick at these.

Sorry if I read that wrong but once you are settled with your new med he can consider stronger painkillers. Otherwise if you got side effects he wouldn't have a clue which med are causing them iyswim?



Thanx. I understand that but its either pain or depression. Neither are good. We shouldn't have to suffer either really should we

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No but he can't change two meds at the same time I don't think?

I wouldn't know I've never been offered anything but pain killers so never had the problem of changing two things at once and the time scales that would be appropriate between :/

I would have thought though that you can't change two in quick succession for your own safety?


Hi juliekp

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in so much pain, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. I was wondering if you had any referrals to either a Physiotherapist, a Pain management Clinic or Rheumatology? Anything? As it may help to ask them for a recommendation for new medications? When we see a consultant they usually write to your GP with a recommendation of what drugs they believe that you should be given.

If you do not have anything of this nature, it may help to discuss your issues with a different GP? Or register with a different surgery altogether?

I want to wish you all the best of luck with ascertaining some medications that work for you.

Take care

Ken x



I take both anatriptalin and citalpram for pain and muscle management and depression they work well together no side affects hope you get sorted soon

Fee x


Thanx for all ur comments


That's nuts, I take citalopram and many other meds. I know it can be hard to adjust to meds and you don't want to take two new ones at the same time due to and side effects as you wouldn't know which was causing what symptom. Although if you are doing okay on it after a few weeks you should be okay to change over to another drug for the pain relief. Hope this helps sweetheart!!! xxx Mitzi


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