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need a moan

well after having a virus like flu,swolen glands and a chest infection to go with it, went the drs [yet again ] she gave me anti biotics, also i had a sore chin and itching...yep it was impitigo....i could have rubed it with a wire brush it iched that much...was awake all night scratching. [ i was trying not to....] we had 2 funerals and a up coming 90th party this tues...i had to skip the funerals cause of the state of my chin...and it looks no beter a week later....then yesterday night i was itching well...down below....yes it is thrush caused by the anti biotics...went tesco, she advised me have just the cream...thats no good so had to go again to boots for advise, and they gave me a supository and cream again....i now am lying on the sofa under a blanket scrath scratch scratch,with 2 knumb legs and back ache, waching the lovely queen on the boat.........anyone know how long impitigo lasts?????? i am away on holls next sunday....o yes and fog tday. i poored carpet cleaner in the mugs instead of milk for abrew ...thank goodness i was beeing then while out in boots i nipped in B&S to get me old mum a dressing gown and almost walked out the shop with it under me arm....i think im in the best place at the best wishes.... julie xxx

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You moan away julie,

i always get thrush off antibiotics, when i go for them i tell the doctor that i need something for thrush too.

I dont know how long impertigo lasts but i know its not nice so i hope it clears up pretty soon for you.

Its a good job someone noticed you put carpet cleaner in the cups lol. And shop lifting haha, i used to hang stuff off my pram and forget i actually walked out of the shop once and noticed when i crossed the road and they were just comming to get me. I was so showed up lol.

hugs, kel xxxx


Hi Julie yes have a good old moan we all need it at times!! I can remember getting impetigo as a kid but for some reason only got it on my bum!!! can hear my mum now saying "dont sit on the loo seats" nearly fell when I tried to hover & still cant do it!! Dont think I have got so bad as putting carpet cleaner in cups,but I did spray my bedding with shower spray last week instead of fabric fresh!! & I never said anything to hubby!! So we all do silly things & your not on your own. love & huggles xx


Hi ginge sorry your not to good. The only thing that gets rid of thrush for me is the combine tablet and cream. As for impitigo our 18 month granddaughter picked it up at nursery. She had antibiotic cream and was cleared in about 10 days. Mind you she did'nt have any other problems like we do which meas things take longer to get better. I hope it will be gone for your hols and you have a good time soft hugs xx


Hi Julie sorry ur not 2good i keep 4getting 2 put sugar in mine & bf's t & i went 2 put dirty washing in washer but opened the cupboared door & ive gone 2 freezer 2 get milk good job we can all c funny side of these things pmsl x Gentle hugs 2 u all x


I find that eating live plain yoghurt helps with thrush. Especially the full fat greek style ......yum yum yum....I love it so any excuse x


thanx iching has subsided a little bit, so hopefully on the mend...and ive put the carpet cleaner away in the shed were its safe.......xxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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