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Almost Stopped Sweating

Although ive posted this in the original post already, wanted to make available for all to see.

I have suffered excessive sweating, face, hair, all down back, under boobs, basically down to my thighs for over 30 years. Tried many treatments but then ...

I was finally referred to new consultant. She is actually a consultant in dermatology which I found strange when I first had appointment come through. She first did blood tests chest extra examination to rule out any other possible cause & on my 2nd visit she prescribed me a tablet Propantheline Bromide 15mg tablets, 1 a day to be taken for a week, 2 a day for 2nd week & 3 a day for 2 months till I returned. Also a cream Glycopyrrolate 1% In cream, the cream is unlicensed & has to be ordered from Canada. Anyways Karen stop babbling & tell everyone lol. After over 30 years of severe sweating when a short walk would leave my face hair t short n jacket soaked through, even after the 1st week I noticed a difference, I didn't have cream until week 4. Week 3 & my only symtoms from 3 tablets a day was dry mouth. If my back does sweat it seems to dry up quickly & maybe I get a moist t shirt not a soaking wet patch. The cream which should be used in morning and at bed time I have found makes me sweat a little more especially in forehead & back, so at minute working between 2& 3 tablets a day depending on if ive got a lot to do like driving & hospital visits etc. I can honestly say I cried my eyes out as this is the 1st thing that's given me hope in all those years & so nice to get home without underwear being soaked, when ive had no enjoyment lol. I hope this reaches everyone as I had to share the news with those I know suffer as greatly as I do & all that do suffer but maybe don't post about it. Obviously my reaction to tablets is purely my own & others may have side effects or conditions that preclude such treatment. But I would definitly ask for a referral to Dermatologist if you have gone down the other channels previously & really hope that others can gain maybe from

This treatment or other suggestions as consultant was first one I felt took the condition of Hyperhydrosis seriously & was aware of the despair embarrassment & frustration it causes, fingers crossed it continues to keep giving me the great effects it is & more & others can get some hope from

Either this treatment or other possibilites😊 xxxx

Ps cure for dry mouth a £1.99 dry mouth spray from Boots 👍

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Thank you so much for sharing something so positive. I am certain many members will take heart from your story and seek assistance when they suffer from hyperhidrosis.

I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck with your treatments.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

Thank you so much for this post, now to get my doctor to not just write it off as hot flushes :)

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I am pleased that your excess sweating is being treated successfully, and it must be a great relief after all that time to finally find something that would help you.

Up to last year I also suffered hyperhydrosis but not as bad as you, it was my head and chest areas, and without any reason I would sweat profusely.

Last year my Dr. Referred me to a Dermatologist who did blood tests and was interested. He prescribed tablets which I can't remember the name of, but like you, the dose was gradually increased over a few weeks, and they made my mouth very dry. Unfortunately for me, the cure was worse than the disease and I had to stop them.

On my return visit he asked me a lot of leading questions, like when all the sweating had started, what was going on in my life at that time, what illnesses did I have at the time and what meds I was taking at the time. He was really interested and I felt he wanted to help. In the end, after looking at my meds he said there were 2 pills I was taking that caused excessive sweating as side effects, Tramadol & Amitriptyline, and would I be willing to try a spell without them. I agreed and started with the Tramadol, and replaced it with 30/500mgs of Co-Codamol x 4 daily. Within 48hrs it was remarkable, the only time I sweated was when I exerted myself. The Amitriptyline was ok. So I continued with the Co-Codamol, it wasn't as effective as the Tramadol in controlling my pain, but I felt the trade off was worth it.

There are many people with Fibro who suffer with Hyperhydrosis and never find out the reason. We are all different, and what suits one, doesn't suit another.

Sorry for the long post, but I felt happy for you that you had found something that helped, and thought if my story helped someone else it was worth posting. That's what I love about this forum, we all try to help each other.

Smiles 😍😍 GJ

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Yeah had that said before also, I thought I don't always get hot & even in winter ended up with soaking clothes underwear etc & just makes you feel yukky especially if you are out & can't change. Another reply was oh it's all ypur tablets causing it, I used to say ive been on many combinations of tablets over the 30 odd years it can't possibly be the case for all the combinations. I have to admit when my GP said she was referring me to Dermatologist I thought why lol but Deffo best thing she could have done & deffo the best response I have had with any of the treatments, drugs, suggestions so far. Just hope that even if this therapy may not be right for everyone it may help some like me or spur people on to try again with reluctant GP's & ask for referral to Dermatalogist 😊 good luck xx

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I am pleased you got help that seems to be working, I have had the tablet routine too. I must try being firmer and just requesting a Dermatologists appointment, as you say it is very unpleasant :)

It is hard when Drs continually say it's the tablet interaction, even though mine had been many variations, as im sure others have, over the years. I would definitly request a referral to dermatologis, I would never have guessed Id have such a great result to this tablet & cream & the dry mouth spray really works great & as a change the sugar free strawberry & cream sweets fro

Aldi are a tasty alternative to get my mouth less dry. Good luck & please let us know if you get to see someone & if you find anything that helps xx 😊

Will do, just need to push my day actor in the right direction :)

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So pleased for you!

I suffer from sweats, but I think it's a side effect from either Zomorph or Gabapentine.

I have recently bought sage tablets. They too are beginning to work and although my problem is nowhere near as severe as yours. It's great to not have them!

Fingers crossed that both our tablets work

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I also take Morphine MST, Oramorph & Gabbapentin, but only for about 4 years in this combination. Ive been on about 8 different painkillers & also anti inflammatory tablets, as well as various tablets for my high blood pressure & other conditions, besides the pain the other main constant was the sweats. I'm so glad you are getting some relief from the Sage, sadly didn't help me but maybe someone else reading this thread will get a good reaction from either of our treatments & that would make me so happy that one less person is having relief from this horrible condition. I'm definitly finding my washing basket less full as don't have to change clothes & especially undies so often after s drive or short trip out. Hope safe continues to help your Hyper Hyperhydrosis, sounds so much better than Excessive Sweating lol 😊

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I too suffer with sweats especially in the warm weather, its so embarrassing, as I literally drip from sweat from my head down, I lived in Spain for 8 years and still have our house there but found the weather was just too hot for my constant sweats, we moved back to the UK last year and just go for holidays at the moment until we retire, my friends used to say it wasn't normal but any Dr I told just did not seem interested so I gave up and obviously being back here I only sweat when I am doing something over exertive or hot weather, so your post is very interesting x

i only have the usual menopause sweats so it's easily bearable, but I'm thrilled for you that finally someone in the medical profession has done good by you after all this time. Congrats, really pleased for you x

Gosh, thank you for this Karen, I too have a problem with sweating, but I think I may take this post along and ask if he thinks it might be something I could attempt. It may not interact well with other meds, so will speak to him about it, but I'm so pleased it is working for you. I know only too well the embarrassment caused by excessive sweating, it's like a waterfall down ones neck and back and leaves hair sopping wet. Eeughh, so pleased you've found an improvement 😃😃

Sending lots of positive vibes your way 😀

Foggy x

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Obviously drug interaction is the main reason Along with some existing conditions, that this wouldn't be suitable for some people. I'm on 10 seperate drugs, including Morphine, have high blood pressure( which is a condition that's mentioned ) along with acid reflux also mentioned but as both are mostly controlled by meds im fine to be prescribed this. I really hope someone is able to get some relief also from my experiences , if not the same medicine others must be available. If someone would have said to me seeing a

dermatologist would give me such a great result I honestly would have laughed at them, but having seen Endoncronologisy, Gynaecologist, and tried about 10 different medicines including HRt, tried Sage & 2 other herbal preparations from that well known shop lol. Good luck & please let us know if you find either this or another remedy to an ailment no one would know is so hard to cope with debilitating & embarrassing x

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Thanks so much for sharing this, Karen, and on my other thread too! As you know I suffer with this and I don't think it's my meds...I do think it might be the change for me, but like you it's not hot sweats, it's just sweats and my clothes are wringing and I just feel yuk and clammy and cold. It is debilitating and distressing. I think Projuven did help me for a while but can't get that on prescription any more. It is hugely expensive to get privately...but I will take heart and ask to see a dermatologist next time I go to the GPs about this. That's another thing, being able to get an appointment with my GP that isn't a month ahead!!

So pleased for you :) xx

It's such a shame that ypur battle starts by trying to get to see your Gp before you even get to ask about being referred to a Dermatlologist. Like you I suffered all those ill effects from sweats, used to avoid going to nights out or family gatherings as knew Id just sit there trying to avoid people seeing the state I was in. I do think GP's think sweats are not really something to take seriously if only they would suffer for even a few days they would definitly change their mind & quickly. I know the cream has been used at least since 2007 for treating sweats & is expensive as it had to come from Canada, the joys of checking thing in the net lol, and tablet had been used longer for Hyper Hydrosis, our conditions official name. I wish you luck in firstly getting to see your Gp & will keep my fingers crossed for a referral for you to a dermatologist & hopefully as great a result as im having in just 5 weeks. Here's to no more soggy undies, soaked clothes or that feeling of sweat running down your back like a stream & no more sore under boobs 😊 xx

hi thank you i suffer real bad. and this might have some hope for me. im going to make appointment. hugs x

Thanks for the information. I have had hyperhydrosis for forever it seems. I had to stop using extra strength antiperspirants (17% and 19% of the main ingredients) because I would just sweat through them and the chemical in the antiperspirant would ruin my clothes. I will look up the meds you used to see if that is something available for me. Mine started before I ever took a single med and has nothing to do with menopause. Also, I generally even have to be hot to sweat profusely--underarms, inner thigh, back, head are all affected. And, if I exercise intensely, my head drips sweat even if i'm not hot. Also, I apparently am of a rare type of person who has hyper sweating along with Raynaud's phenomenon. Fortunately for me I'm not easily embarrassed. I just tell people "I'm fine. I just sweat a lot."

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