Itching This is weird! :)

I know from previous posts, many of us are, from time to time, driven half mad with itching. Does anyone have itching they cant find? I mean go to scratch an itch that is in another place. Search all over, no not there either?

This is weird. I'd love to know what this is all about! My skin is often very dry, flaky, cracked, sore and stings. I get through loads of moisturiser/betnovate (steroid cream) But the worst of it is itching I cant find! :) :) :)

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  • What bad luck, it is so horrid is n't it. I hope you manage to put the itching to rest soon. A tepid bath can help and then lots of moisturiser good luck xgins

  • have you tried an anti - histamine ?

  • It would help if I knew why! I cant even find the bast*** itch! :) I like a nice cool shower, just doesn't last. I'm on anti-histamine daily anyway. I'm allergic to something they cant identify, apart from dairy, wheat and aspirin/ibuprofen which has been proven by skin prick testing.

    Lucky I have a sense of humour! :) :)

  • Hi tulips, I was told that my itching was most likely to be a reaction to nerve ending damage . I am sure there are many other reasons, in particular because we are all so different to our tolerance of things. I really hope you get some form of relief for it very soon.

    Foggy x

  • That makes sense. Fank u Foggy! :)

    Sweet dreams, my bed is calling! Tulip :)

  • Hi Tulips. I dont know about an itch you cant find, but Ive had an itch that wont go away.Ive had it since y'day and its driving me nuts. Its in the palm of my left hand just below my middle/ ring fingers. They say if your left palm itches,you are going to lose money or something (if its the right, you receive).I'll lose everything I have at this rate,lol. I just wish it would go away, no amount of scratching relieves it. Grrrrrr. I think itching is just part of Fibro, as if there isnt enough to put up with. Happy scratching !!!!

  • I can be happy, with/without the scratching, would prefer without!

    Had a good night sleep, which is always good when it comes to managing whatever the day is going to throw at me!

    Hope you're enjoying sunshine, it's lovely down here. "The sun has got his hat on..."

    :) Tulip

  • I get itchy skin when I walk- sometimes it's so bad it makes me want to be sick- I try and not think about it but its really horrid. Freaky fibro symptoms! X

  • Freaky Fibro!! I love it! Sounds like a cartoon character It is possible I'm gradually losing my marbles, but it would be good to invent another cartoon character to come along as a super hero to defeat Freaky Fibro and his dark deeds of pain, fatigue and all his other weapons! :)

    I know what you mean though, it can be like torture at times! Tulip

  • hi hi had this problem for nearly free years it was on both my legs it felt like ants were eating me under the skin id it until my legs started bleeding it was worse at night id wake up covered in blood i must of taken hundreds of skin layers off in that 3 years id tried loads of creams and a see through bandage like cling film with air holes it dint didnt work it made it worse the itch got worse and over time it wouldnt heal as it had got infected and i look like id had my skin burned off so i got a parafin based shower gel and a parafin bath aditive and used that every day and started wearing shorts to get air to my legs after a few months my legs started to heal and itched less ive now only got faint scars but i dread the day it might come back as i think it was a mix of restless leg and my fibro that started the itch in the 1st place / hope this helps

  • Sounds horrendous, nothing like my irritations anyway! Glad you managed to get rid!

  • i get an itch i can feel under my skin but i cant touch it on my skin so i cant scratch it. I have that army of ants, and also a peculiar rushing feeling that starts about my thighs and continues up to my chest where it congregates then disappears completely. love always Maryelizabeth xxx

  • Ants - that's it - horrible! xx

  • I tend to get similar itching , when it drives me nuts but it feels like i'm itching from the inside .. can't find any relief til it goes on its own. Other itching can be all over my body but mostly on my back and sometimes on my head .

    sorry i can't help , hugs Kira x

  • Sometimes we may not be able to do anything to help each other, but it helps to know what it's all about ie. Fibro! xx

  • I am so glad you posted ,I get this a lot never known anyone else who did .It drives me mad usually on my legs ,I have always thought that its just the nerves misfiring .x

  • I've reached the conclusion, just about everything misfires at times! :)

  • I get this bad on my feet. On the sole of my feet. Drives me insane.

  • dont like the sound of that!

  • Hi not sure if this will help, but a lot of the time it helps me. I bought a clicker thing at chemist. Helps with bites, stings, etc. However, I often find it helps when I get an itch that drives u mad eg on soles of feet and hands, to name just a few. It only costs about a fiver and quite small. U have to click it 6 or more times on area, may have to repeat but I think its a god send. Good luck. :-)

  • Hi, I've been on the internet (tried Boots, Lloyds Pharmacy). Do you know what the 'clicker thing' is called? Or do you remember where you found it?

    I have a feeling this just might do the trick, so thank you! Tulip :)

  • You star! Will give that a go! Thank you. If it helps, will post on site, many of us have similar problem. Tulip :)

  • BOOTS, BITE AND STING RELIEF CLICK IT, £5.65. Found same at Boots site. It got 5 stars. Good luck. I know it can drive you mad. Xxx

  • Must have missed it! Thank you. I hope you're on commission - oh no - sorry def. against the rules! :) G'night Tulip xx :)

  • It's so weird you saying that I have been going mad for days now with itching I have scratched so much in some places I have removed the skin. I have found every time I have a shower the whole of my back and legs itch so changed shower gel to a hypo allergenic used that two days ago no difference but it's always at night my itching starts mostly my feet but this week it's been all over and I know I always tell people not to scratch when they have an itch but I can't stop. I had what were like heat bumps on my lower back last night then today can feel a very dry patch of skin on the back of my neck which is completely new I can't look at it as it's at the back. Sometimes it feels like something is crawling all over me will be interesting to see if this is another symptom I have noticed I am much tireder than normal as well.

    I said to my mum the other day I think I'm allergic to water. Just hoping it goes away.

    Hugs to all


  • Hi Jackie. Umm. I wonder how this happened? It looks as though my post is from 4 years ago. Not that anything has changed, this comes and goes and yes it drives you up the wall! :) XXX

  • I hadn't noticed the post was that old until after I had written on it lol but it was appropriate for me lol. I had tried most of the day to say about the cold weather payment as I had received a letter telling me I was getting it and wanted to put your mind at rest over the £25 but couldn't get on the site all day yesterday until late last night that was when I saw the thing about itching. Very weird.

    Hope you are keeping warm in this horrible weather. Take care love



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