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While I have been away, I have been going to my local college Hair and Beauty dept. The students need bodies to practice on for their exams, so only charge about a fiver for a massage. They are always interested in someone a bit 'different' as it is a learning experience.

You might need a letter from your GP to say massage is ok.

I have to say, going for massage once a week has been brilliant, so the point I have been pain free since last Thursday.

Ok you say wow only 4 lousy days pain free,.......but I am usually in pain all day 24/7 so it is a wonderful relief to just not hurt.

I had back massage, aromatherapy, swedish massages. I was reluctant on the swedish, thought it would hurt, but none of it did, thats the amazing thing. Because they dont spend too long working on the same bit, your body doesnt think its pain.

If you can, give it a try. the students are grateful for someone to work on and you might just get some benefit

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Years ago I went not for a massage but to have my hair cut

4 hours later I emerged from the college glad to be going home

every one has to start somewhere but my hair is short and it

did stress me out a bit.

But I also went to have a full aromatherapy massage and that

was fantasic I had forgotton that felt realy good, that was before

I had fibro so yes it would be worth considering anything is worth

a go and you do feel good after, thank you for that I will phone up

tomorrow and find out, just hope I dont have a young man could

not cope with a toy boy yet.


when I was in Egypt, I had several massages which were fantastic, they are brilliant at it over there and the release from tension pain was unbelievable. May be a trip to the spa is in order!!!


Thats great that it has eased your pain. :)

I just couldnt imagine anybody touching my back shoulders and sides. Omg if anybody slightly touches any of them i jump through the roof.

hugs, kelxxxx


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