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Trigger point massage. How to find 'em?

How do you find these when every centimetre of your body hurts if it's pressed, even lightly? Read about massaging them and that it will hurt but I can't seem to lightly press anywhere without severe and prolonged pain. Trouble is I am alone and family,friends or dr's have never really been bothered. I'm the only one who can help me and I'm sinking. I don't mind helping me but don't know what to try next. Seems like I may be out of options. The only 'advice' I had from gp's was 'head down and battle through it on my diagnosis about 27 years ago, and ' just take 8 paracetamol a day for the rest of your life'. I don't bother anybody anymore.

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Furdad, that sounds horrible! This condition is bad enough, you really need to see a gp who understands it. There is a register on this site, people who find they are lucky enough to have one recommend them. Check it out, see if there is one in your area. If not, try 'shopping' around where you live. A decent doctor will 1st and foremost work at bringing your pain levels to more manageable.

Also, although this is still not fully understood. things have moved on from 27 years ago. I'm sure there will be something better for you than 'take 8 paracetamols a day, go away and get on with it! You must be a strong person to still be here, and I'm sure that you will find someone to help you. Please, let us know how things go. Wish you well. Tulip xx


Awhh c'mon - medicine has moved on since 27 years ago!

Time you went to your GP and made some demands. Fibro is awfully difficult to treat, but most of us can get reasonable pain relief most of the time. Insist on a consultant appointment for a full range of tests, and make sure you get some answers!

Medics get paid enough - make 'em work for it!

Several of us here have had to nag our doctors for some time before finally getting adequate pain relief, but it makes all the difference to quality of life.

I take 4 paracetamol daily and 4x50mgm Tramadol, and my pain is well-controlled. This might not suit everyone, but there are plenty of drugs to try.

Do think about drawing a line under your past bad experiences and making a fresh start - we are all here to support you on your way. I hope you get some relief soon.

Moffy x


Your right ladymoth, I was not until I started to shout and demand at my GP before he sat up and started to listen........ If you don't the GP will just take the easy route and give you a prescription and tell you to go away!!!

I told him to sort out this pain that's been experanced for years, I told him that a massage therapist thought it showed showed symptoms of fibromyalga.......As I look he rolls his eye's.....That's the GP I have to deal with !!!!!

Yes, They get payed well to do their job!!!!! Don't pussy foot around !!!!

My GP has now listened and is now going to send me to the pain management clinic.......

And he is starting to listen, Although he might cringe when I now walk in...... :(


Hi,thanks for your answers,and your kindness. I have had many similar comments, once from a dr in casualty when I couldn't take the headaches anymore. Unfortunately they didn't all happen 27 years ago,that was when they began. The battle through comment was made by the specialist who diagnosed me,the paracetamol one, echoed by the casualty dr was maybe 5 years ago. I have changed dr,begged, demanded,spoken eloquently and honestly of my despair all to no avail. The trouble is that when you also have schizo-affective disorder as soon as anyone sees that they all think ahhh,ok! You can see it enter their eyes and you know all is lost. Anyway the headache I have woken with this morning I call one of my 'specials',as opposed to the normal variety I normally wake up with 7 days a week. Which means waterfalls,double vision and possible vomiting. And nothing to touch it since Syndol vanished off the shelves. But,as I hear constantly from the single family member and one friend who I do hear from sporadically 'these things were sent to try us'.

And do they ever!!!!


About headaches, one of my neighbours gave me a head scratcher, it has about 20 little prongs and I put it on my head and move it up and down - it really helped me a lot. Then I went to a specialist dentist in Bristol who had trained in USA and had a trigger point injection into my head and the headache disappeared like magic, I couldn't believe it, and funnily enough it has never come back to the same intensity ever since that day.


Poor you, Furdad - having schizo-affective disorder and/or fibro unfortunately doesn't stop you getting other illnesses, and it's time doctors realised this and spent some time establishing what's really wrong.

Many of us regret the passing of Syndol, and hope that it will be back on the shelves soon - invaluable stuff!

It does seem as though you are getting cluster headaches, and there are treatments for this, so keep insisting on some proper treatment, 'cos paracetamol is unlikely to do the job!

Moffy x


Well, I recommend a book by Clare Davies called Trigger Point Therapy Workbook. It really helped me. You look at where your pain is, and where the trigger point is likely to be, then the book tells you how to find the point, and also gives you tips on how to effectively massage the point, either with your elbow/knuckles/etc., or with a tennis ball, or with a special stick called a theracane. Sometimes the trigger point is a long way from the pain, for example, I sometimes have pain under my foot and the trigger point in in my calf and I massage it with the knee of my other leg. So you need the book. When you are 'on' the trigger point you know, the pain is just like no other, it is excruciating but it also is in a funny way pleasurable, you rub a few times firmly on the spot as the book tells you. Sometimes you get INSTANT relief, sometimes you need to do it on the same spot for a few days, but I can keep relatively painfree by working on trigger points, important for me as I have a paradoxical effect to many drugs and painkillers increase pain, drugs that are meant to cause you to feel sleepy even if it is a side effect stop me sleeping altogether, and the others either cause me to have haemorrhages in my eyes or cause my Interstitial Cystitis to flare, or cause my legs and arms to tingle or... need I go on,you know it already. So I do TP therapy every day, but over the years I find I need to use it less and less by keeping on top of it. I also use holistic massage on myself which I learned on a course, about twice a week after a bath. Luxury but I am sure that spoiling yourself is good for you. Good luck x


Also you can get trigger point injections, maybe at a pain clinic, but most people who are good at it are in private clinics.


Hello x can I just point out, continued long term use of paracetamol can cause headaches. X

There's a lot of evidence now that we have sensitive bowels which allow toxins into the body. Things like caffiene, alcohol, artificial sweetners and msg are all Nero toxins which can cause pain and headaches. Thanks to Stephen fry there's been similar studies into schizophrenia that have shown large amounts of omega 3 in the diet. (oily fish) can help. Theres a lot we can do without drugs. I try and stay clear but have acupuncture among other treatments instead

As others have said though. A lot has changed and understanding has moved on in past 27 years. (its still not great in places. I don't like GP's much either) You may have schizo affected disorder but you are still a valuable Human being with needs and as much right to treatment and support as anyone else. If you had Alzheimer's would you expect not to be treated for arthritis?

I can understand you avoiding doctors. You may have been through some horrible experiences. Its worth researching GPs. Some have special interests in conditions. You might find then more supportive x


I have trigger point injections at my local clinic every three months ... As my trigger points are high up on my back and neck I can massage my neck but can't get to my higher back ones I really rely on my injections .... I kept them well under control with weekly massages ... But terribly expensive having one every week.. I had to give them up... Fortunately the injections work really well..


Hey guys. Am laying here in this bed trying not to let the tears spill down my face. Some guy,huh? Should guys cry? I dunno. If someone told me right now that if I closed my eyes and went to sleep I wouldn't wake up I would close my eyes and go to sleep. I feel utterly alone. The only comfort I am offered is by faceless strangers on a forum. Kind,understanding strangers,please do not think I am ungrateful for your responses but still, people I will never know.

Mostly I stay alone and ask nothing of anyone, I have learned that even if I ask, no one can give. After a number of rebuffs you realise what a nuisance you are, and just quit asking.

So right now I'm gonna close my eyes and....who knows?

Oh hell, when does it all end,anybody know? Coz I'm almost out of smiles.


Hi there Furdad, I can empathise (that's the correct word, ) I've been down that road many many times, I've had fibro in allfour quadrants amongst othe conditions for over 50yrs,, and it can really get u down, I was at my worst when the fibro starting affecting my teeth, it was agonising and there's was nothing they could do, I was ready to do the worst to my self, but you do get passed it, albeit slowly, doyou take antidepressants, why not go to your GP and let him know exactly how u feel....and remember guys have feeling and emotions too, u are entitled to feel the way you do, and it's best to let it out than bottle it all up, we are all here for you, remember we do know what you are going thru , and this is a great site to belong to, every one is friendly funny and they listen and understand, do hope you will soon be feeling a bit better, im nit very good with words but do hope ve helped, gentle hugs to you , .....Dee xx


Awww, I've just pressed the 'trigger points, just to make sure, and OH MY GOD!!! The pain!! It's still there after 25 minutes!! That'll teach me!! XX


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