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A Great Big THANK YOU to all of you who have:

Signed the petition I have put on here. It is often so difficult to find those two minutes to SIGN it, PASS IT ON via EMAIL or FACEBOOK etc, but quite a few have. As said before on here, I myself have 5 nasty autoimmune conditions, and over the years have truly had some good care but also experienced the other side. It makes me personally very angry that good medical staff raise concerns, ie Staffordshire, then lose their jobs, and at times patients lose their care or have worse care simply for making a valid complaint.

This petition is attached to a paper which the DOH will be forced to read if it receives enough signatures.

The formal complaint system does nothing apart from acting as a fact finding mission, often using vast amounts of public funds, with a poor outcome for staff and patients. All I ever wanted was good care and to hear the word sorry.

If people can think of anywhere else to put this petition, please feel free to.

Many thanks to all those who have helped. Mary F xxxxxxX

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Well if no one else will say it I will Mary.Many thanks for your determination to bring this to the fore.

I`ve seen you on the sjogren site,and you have tried so hard with this.

More power to you elbow hun.

Keep well Love and hugs Butterfly54 xxxxx


Yes, as did the petition writer... who originally blew the whistle in Staffordshire and lost her job sticking up for the likes of us. I wish more people would sign it. I always sign and share anything good! and thanks for your nice comments x M


I`ve put a blog up for people to read your`s hun,and to sign it.

Hope it helps,but I do see that sometimes it must be soul destroying for people to constantly ignore it.

I`m still waiting to find out if I have primary or secondery sjogrens,but I did find out today that my vitamin D levels are virtualy nil.

And that this can cause a lot of fibro like symptoms if not fibro itself.

Life`s a bummer hey,but you have to keep going.LoL.

Love and hugs Jayne xxxx


thank you brilliant woman x


Hi i have just signed, and totally agree with you xxx


Thanks, this is why I support it... thank you so much for signing it and do please if possible pass it on. x


I have signed the petition and shared the link with my two sisters and niece who have also signed and shared as we are all diagnosed FMS sufferers and have been for many years we believe our mother also suffered although she never was offered any appointment to visit a consultant.sadly she passed away in 2003 aged 83 we miss her so much. Gentle


Thank you x


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