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Here we go round the fibro site etc

Here we go round the fibro site, the fibro site, the fibro site, here we go round the fibro site on a wet and moany Monday.

This is the way we make a change, make a change, make a change, this is the way we make a change with petitions and blogs and repeatings.

Sorry for re post of blog but my autoimmune dense smog has descended again:

Good care and bad care.


Posted by MaryF

23 hours ago


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I have had some great GP care and some terrible GP care. This petition is attached to a paper which is to make things fairer when patients complain about poor care, or indeed fairer for medical staff reporting terrible care. Currently patients or medics rraising concerns get trashed and quite often lose their care or career. This petition and paper would make things fairer. The DOH have not got around to reading it yet, but they will if it has enough signatures. Please take a couple of seconds to sign it and pass it on and share it via email and social networks. THis is a sensible way forward and the DOH is being very arrogant when it comes to reading it.

Formal complaints do mainly nothing, they exhaust us and use up vital public funds.

Thanks , Mary F

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Thank you, I thought better do something useful, otherwise I might be tempted to eat my own body weight in delicious snacks x


Blast I was hoping to cheat x


Mary i have been trying to sign this for US but it wont let me

I Am Not giving up will try again tomorrow i wonder how many will

Have the same trouble NOT a true petition if u cant sign the dame thing!!


Oh hi there, thanks for trying, unfortunately it is one which is attached to a UK government site... so you have to be in the UK as a UK resident to sign it! I did sign a really good one the other day which is a world one which is which is starting to get world momentum and needs it.. some people with fibro turn out to have thyroid issues and do well on natural products xx

M x and thanks for trying, really appreaciate it x


I am on the uk northern ireland will keep trying


Cant spell again tonight


I tried but they wouldn't let me do it twice, ruggers!

Did share it again on fb. Can't believe only 370 signatories. What's wrong with people!


thanks for doing this.. and please DO pass the petition on xx


Will get on my high horse immediately!


cheers and check that you got an email back...from the petition with live link to click on to verfity your signature.. shame the Grand National has passed,... good luck on your horse and THANK YOU X


Yes, I definitely got it cos they caught on to me straight away and said 'this email cannot be used twice"!




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