Hi Everbody, hope life hasn't been too bad for everyone. Well just let you know what happened to me this week, and ask if anyone else has experienced the same , is it part of fibromyalgia?????. My Jaw has been slipping forward when I eat anything, and bangs down on my lower teeth for about 2years. All my gum was red swollen very very tender to touch!. When I was eating soup and bread, as that was all I was managing with my mouth as sore as it was. Afterwards my tooth had broken off at the gum and disappeared???????. So I'm now slightly gummy. Happy Halloween to Everyone xx

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  • It could be that some of your meds are causing weakness, you don't say what meds you are taking but my Husband has epilepsy and some of the treatments for fibro are also used to treat epilepsy, his teeth were very poor due to his medication. Lou xx

  • Hi thanks will check with my Doctor. I'm on Tramadol, , not very good at this forum thing. Still a Learner . You take care both of you xx

  • I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you can find the answers that you are looking for. As lou says it could be some of the medications that you are takign for your Fibro? I was wondering if you were on any medications for anything else?

    When on certain drugs it helps to ask your GP or Medical Specialist for a DEXA Scan to ascertain if there is any Osteoporosis or Osteopenia present in your bones, as some drugs can cause this. It could be something completely different in relation to a gum disease? Either way, I would discuss this situation with your doctor and ascertain what can be done to help? I want to sincerely wish you all the best of lcuk.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi some blood pressure tablets can affect gums also learnt lack of b12 can too.

    It would be sooooo much easier if each medical problem had just one symptom!

  • I am down to 7 teeth. they have either dropped out or been taken out because they were lose and causing pain.

    Apparently there have been no studies on dental problems. but a lot of us do seem to have them.

    If any one has come across any thing different please let me know.


  • I'm not far behind you, had 14 teeth taken out in just over a month.

    It is time research was done into the teeth problems we have, a few searches will show you lots of Fibro sufferers complaining about loosing teeth.

    I can't believe I'm looking forward to getting dentures early next year, but eating isn't that easy for now

  • Im not wearing mine. I had new top teeth a few weeks ago and bottom teeth on fri. both are uncomfortable and the bottom teeth fall out whenever i eat something.

    Back to the dentist. Poor Mark he is ready to pull his hair over my teeth, no matter what he tries it has to be altered again a few months later.

  • My dentist had never heard of fibro and he has never mentioned any other patients with the same problems.


  • I though it a coincidence so many people are talking about teeth or lack of them.

    I had to have dentures fitted 8 yrs. ago. Over the last 6mths I've had oral thrush for the first time ever. Prescription gel has not helped. I went to a NH's dentist at my local medical centre because my top denture had become loose and gums very sore. Our jaw shrinks as we get older, so I was hoping for a new set to be made. When the dentist saw them he said it would be very expensive because when I had them made they were re toughened because the previous ones had snapped in two, after a few days. Apparently the medication I've been on for 10yrs has gone towards softening my gums, probably my brain too.

    I need strong dentures (they have wire mesh through them) but they are classed as cosmetic. I definitely wasn't thinking of vanity when I had to have the remainder of my teeth removed, after they had started falling out. And so, there is another load of pain to add to the fibro list apart from the depression and expense. I'm now looking for a nhs dentist/technician who will understand it wasn't through choice going through years of pain and embarrassment. I would advise though that any of you are suffering with new dentures, yes they hurt to begin with but you may need them to be adjusted. If you haven't already been back to your dentist do go. Most dentures need tweaking before they fit properly. You do get used to them eventually, yes after the irritations and a lot of patience. After all we are used to pain aren't we........

  • Thanks for the Advice MariaT4, the size of my gums has had me wondering already over how well dentures will fit, I wonder what age range we all are? I know before Fibro kicked off my teeth were really good very strong, if It was a lack of care I'd hold my hand up. I just hope what teeth I have left hang on in there the pain having them just cleaned is without a doubt magnified I never used to have these problems in the past.

    I'm tempted as were are all anon on here to print this for my dentist to show him a bit of research on fibro would be helpful

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