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Hi everyone, I am a relative newby to this blasted ailment, and have only been officially diagnosed recently, can I ask, is it normal to feel like I am no longer the same person, I look in the mirror and all I see is pain, apologies for sounding dramatic, I look at people out and about all laughing , summery and happy and can’t believe that I’m never gonna feel that way again. I’ve never been a whinger, always been a tough cookie but this has really floored me..... will this feeling pass, I dont mind tackling the pain, the aches and the tiredness but oh I would love some of my old spirit back

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Hi and welcome so sorry your going through this and yes you are diffrent. The pain not being able to sleep clean house,your very tired some days you may not get out of bed because you hurt and your tired. You can,t do the things. so when everything thats goes along with fibro. the pain tends to control you and every,time you look in the mirror you,ll see the pain not you. it changes you. try not to get depressed. hopely they will give you meds that will help with the pain. i hope i haven,t made you sad. The others on this site will be here for you too. they are a great bunch and help each other. if you need to talk or rant,cry we,ll be here for you love susiejo1948

I've been so angry that this severe fibro has taken away my retired life. I had envisioned golfing with my hubby and taking our motorhome to the coast of California to enjoy the ocean. Ha! I can barely get out of bed most days. Sure it's normal to feel all range of emotions. I sure don't have much advice other than try to find something to do that you enjoy to pass the time away. Good luck to you.xxxxoooo

moskin in reply to WorldOHurt

I am the same,gave up work as a nurse at 74 ,them wham ,my life has hanged dramatically.I have started swimming,and using the jacuzzi like you played golf .take care

Hi Kim welcome x It takes a while to get used to I mourned my old life but now I am trying to find myself a new 1 only true friends understand and they are great they adjust outings to suit me. Hopefully when you have pain under some sort of control ul be able to look at things differently.gentle hugs x take care xx

Definitely, it is part of the disease. Many changes come about, and it is a lifelong issue. Here on this forum I have found such wonderful peeps, and lovely support. Hang in there, and know you've come to the best place.

Its perfectly normal to feel this way as this awful condition takes away our lives as we new them. I describe it as a form of mourning... we are mourning the life we had and the future we thought we'd have. The pain we endure daily is terrible and takes it toll on us. Its only to be expected i guess that this in turn takes a toll on our emotional state. I was diagnoised 18 months ago and still struggle emotionally. Try not to be to hard on yourself and take things one step at a time. The people on here are full of great advise and support. We are all here to help each other the best we can. Ive found being on here a great help emotionally. Just knowing there are people that understand how you feel is a great support. Take care of yourself xxx

Hi KimSawyer,

I an new on here myself and new to this illness/disability and i am still trying to get someone to confirm it as doctors, pain clinic and rheumatologist say it but I don’t understand why they wont confirm it. I was told earlier last week by my GP that everything i feeling is part of Fibro so deal with it! I was too exhausted to respond at the time and i called my surgery on Friday and they are now referring me to a Fibro clinic. But being on here a day now and reading what other people are experiencing and have had to gone through confirms that I am not alone and it isn’t in my head. But the part about mourning the old you and dealing with the new you hit home when i read that as that is getting to me not being able to go things like before and this week i have struggled to go to work let alone do anything else and i know the house needs a clean but to be totally honest i am sitting here thinking i really don’t care about the dust on the side board right now as i am so exhausted and emotional it is all i can do to sit here reaching out to others.

So i do feel for you and understand and not sure where to go from here as i am feeling extremely low at the moment and worried about work on Monday as they sent me a letter saying need to discuss the situation!

Sorry for the rant as they say. But wanted to say hi and that you are not alone and i have had some lovely responses already myself which got me through yesterday.

Sending my thoughts and gentle hug x

Hi and welcome , I know at first it’s a lot but all those things you are talking about can and will change and you too will laugh again . At the moment your in the grieving place where you can’t see the woods for the trees . I have had fibromyalgia since I was eleven and maybe a little bit earlier and now I’m a nana so a long time .But I can remember the despair in my early twenties .

Now I’m going to say get a hobby that will absorb you it’s the best distraction and hours can pass and your pain will go into the background , get out as much s you can and try and focus on what you can do rather than what you can’t . It’s not easy I know but you will learn to cope I promise and we are all here to help you . Take care lovely and remember when you can get out and live love and hugs xx🤗🦋😇

Would love to thank you all for your lovely kind replies, I’ve had a bit of an up and down weekend but am ending it relatively ok, it’s so reassuring to hear your stories and know that, a I am not alone and b, I will adjust in time. Love and gentle hugs to you all and many thanks again x x x

NanaTisme in reply to KimSawyer

Hi Kim, welcome to the family, hope you feel better to know we all understand, my heart ❤️goes out to all that are suffering, sending hugs 🤗🤗🤗🌻🌺💐🥀NanaT

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