Out of Spoons.

Re the spoon theory, coping with fibro, i have been using up my spoons each day, & have started getting up each day with less spoons & have been borrowing from 2morros spoons, telling myself that i can rest at the w.end when i dont have 2 get up early 2 get kids up & drive them 2school. But it has been 2 much effort to wash my hair and get dressed. My hubby is great, about it all, but the house, &me, need a good going over. Anyone lend me ne spoons, i know we all need them, sorry i cant paste a link 4 ne1 not knowing about spoon theory, on my phone &cant get much internet & i soo tired right now. Going to go to bed soon after done washing up from t. Hugs, Julie xx

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  • Gentle hugs. I have just found extra spoons for you and put them on another thread.

    Seriously though, it would be great if we really could get extra spoons without having to pay them back.



  • Hi Julie maybe start afresh on Monday with more spoons than you had before, sometimes we need to alter what is called our 'baselines' which is what it takes to do a particular task. Our physical abilities alter frequently so the amount of spoons needed may change :)

    In the meantime I give you 2 of my spoons :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Thanx sian, ur very kind, hugs julie xxxx

  • And I have some spare spoons, 5 are on their way to you. >-- >-- >-- >-- >-- I hope they help you and that next week you can catch up with yourself, though I know how very hard that can be.

    Sending lots do positive healing vibes your way :-)

    Foggy x

  • Wats this spoon thing ?

  • Hi booohooo :)

    It is a theory that helps you learn how to pace your daily activities, please check out this following link which will tell you all about it :)


    Hope this answers your question.

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Hi Julie63

    I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you possibly can be today? I am so sorry to read that you are struggling at the moment, and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your issue.

    My wife has MS, and she did this about a year ago. She said at one point she was out of spoons, and I told her she should not use tea spoons, but table spoons, as you get three tea spoons to a table spoon. That way she would get more, mind you, she did not heed my advice.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Hi Julie

    Your spoons are the same amount for everyday - so you cannot borrow tomorrows. You may only use todays the art is trying to make todays last all the way through ok.

    If you are seriously short of spoons I suggest you are endeavoring to do to much.

    Try to slow down a bit and don't borrow or beg more spoons. It i all about how you handle your self learning to pace yourself more through out the tasks.

    Good luck xins

  • I have just read every ones suggestions you all need take another look at the spoons theory it is a pacing theory!

    I hope you all check this out. No borrowing or lending just slow down and pace your selves!!


  • Can someone tell me what this spoon theory is please

  • Hello Debstops,

    Please see the following link that should answer your question;


    Best Wishes

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • What are spoons? What are they for?

  • Hello Operatic,

    Please see the following link which may help you to understand;


    Best Wishes

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • I like some of their other articles too,

  • Thank you I will

  • I love the spoons theory but as I am curenntly in bed in pain with no energy I need to pace more. My question is how many spoons do you start with? Is 12 the ideal or just an example? Thank you xx

  • Wats this spoon thing

  • Hello Booohooo,

    Please see the following link which may help you to understand;


    Best Wishes


    FibroAction Administrator

  • Hello. How do you know how many spoons you can have?

  • That's the evil bit about these conditions. You don't.

    You just have to pace yourself so you always have some left. It seems similar to having a car with no fuel gauge. How far can you go before you run out of fuel. If you plan a long journey you will almost certainly break down. I you confine yourself to the basic short journey you are more likely to get there.

  • Hello Beauty_queen_from_mars,

    This is a difficult question to answer as I think you'll find it varies from day to day & person to person depending on many factors, but the principle is that you pace yourself by doing the activities you need to in a day. You don't need to use all your spoons up in one day !

    Many people with Fibro can fall into the Boom and Bust or Push and Crash cycle.


    Try to work up slowly to doing more and more each day

    I hope this helps

    Emma :)

    FibroAction Administrator

  • Clive Dunn from Dad's Army did a song "I play the spoons" Don't suppose it's related? :P

  • Thank you Fenbadger. Its another thing to learn! so much to learn with this flipping illnes:-(xx

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