Am a Newbie and am thankful to have found this site for insightful information and helpfulness!


Have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia for about 18months. Prior to that, I had a total hip replacement @ 25 years old and @ 28 years old and feeling like I have the body of a 90 year old...,

Even thou I was diagnosed a while ago, I'm still in the same position. Am off work as I'm in so much pain all the time, exhausted constantly and generally fed up of feeling like this.

After reading through the blogs and questions on here, it's great to find that I'm not alone and everyone is very friendly and happy to help each other.

Hi to you all xx

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  • Thanks for your reply; hope you're ok x

  • I'm ok thank you love. Probably one of the less affected by fibro on here at the moment - thankfully. xx

  • everyones lovely here and i hope you enjoy it as much as i do ,

    people are all ways ready to help with a question or if you just want to have a good moan about how you feel theres all ways someone to get it off your chest to

    well come xxx

  • Thanks for your reply; hope you're ok x

  • Hi there rhirhi,

    Its nice to meet you, i love this site and hopefully you will too. :)

    kel xxx

  • Thanks for your reply; hope you're ok x

  • Hi RhiRhi, welcome to the group.

    Poor you, you've had a lot done for someone so young haven't you.

    Hope you'll fine some of the answers on here helpful. It's a good place to be :)

    Sue xx

  • Thanks for your reply; hope you're ok x

  • Hi Rhi Rhi, welcome to a gem of a site. Having the people on here to talk to is a great help. I am really getting so much from it. Hope you do too, chat soon

    Lou x

  • Thanks for your reply; hope you're ok x

  • Thanks all, you're all very Kind x

  • Hi RhiRhi

    Sorry to hear about your early hip replacements - one of my neighbours had one done last year but she is now in her late 60/early70's so I tend to tease her by calling her the bionic woman-shes a lovely lady. I was like you when my problems started-1988 (was 28 then) and had an operation on my jaw aprox one every year for the next 5 years including invasive procedures-ruined my career hopes. Then later I took Endometriosis and had 6 months treatment for that, which was successful, to be followed by finding out I had Severe IBS. The next ME/CFS with Fibromyalgia, and Feb of last year diagnosed with COPD. I get the impression on here that there are a lot of sufferers, and its great to find a site where you can get to know others dealing with pain and hopefully support and be there for each other like a massive ring of like-minded supporters.

    Please dont be a stranger and dont hesitate to drop a note at any time if you feel you would like a chat.

    Meantime, having introduced myself (a newbey too), I will hopefully have a chat with you sometime.

    Take care of yourself. Hugs from Tiggerooo x

  • Hi, thanks for your reply; I'm due to have an operation on my jaw to correct/reposition it. Not looking forward to it especially with Fibro! Hope you're ok x

  • Hi welcome to the site and i hope you find lots of helpful advice on here and have a few laughs and see things that make you smile. i love it its been my life line these last few weeks and i have made so many new friends . you take care love and hugs to you Diddle xxxx

  • Thanks for your reply; hope you're ok x

  • Thanks for your reply; hope you're ok x

  • hi RhiRhi, am a newbie like you. hope you find some comfort from the posts on here. it seems like a lovely place.

  • Hi, everyone's made us feel so welcome; we're very lucky to have a site like this to come to. Not sure about you but it's good to come to when you have a worry about something new and you're not sure if it's part of Fibro or not?! Hope you're enjoying the site too x

  • Hi there hope you get alot out of being on here. it really is a fantastic site and lovely yto hear other peoples stories and basically know your not alone or odd. you take care and welcome love to you Diddle x

  • Thanks for your reply; hope you're ok x

  • Hi Rhi Rhi wow feel for you so young yet such a lot to cope with, I thought i was young for a hip replacement at 54 and about to have the other hip done on 13/4 yep that would be next week, i'm not suprised you are feeling low and tired so much surgery which always takes its toll. The first hip op 3yrs ago left me weaker than i was before but had to be done, the actual hip is good but soft tissue around it is weak and painful still, not as much strenth as i would like but at least it moves better would love to chat sometime take care sue xx

  • Hi Sue, thanks for your reply!

    So sorry to hear your replacement wasn't 100% successful, mine isn't either. Still in loads of pain, but you're right, better than it was before it was replaced!

    Hope your other hip replacement is more successful. Just found out I need to see a consultant about my other hip as its going the same way as my replaced hip was :(

    Thanks again for your reply, all the best with your op. let me know how you are x Rhian x

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