Meniere's Disease or Fibro?

Good morning to everyone on here, I just have a question about Meniere's Disease if anyone can help me be more informed. I have had menieres for at least 15yrs but after it starting very severely I have not really had vertigo for years. I have been unbalanced with tinnitus & eye issues & have hearing loss in that ear. But in the past few days I have had bad dizziness higher pitched tinnitus & a feeling of being tired and over stimulated in my vision. I spoke to a lovely lady at Meniere' who told me that this can happen & you can get a flare like with any other condition. It is very scared & takes away your confidence of doing things. I have visited the sites on the net & it doesn't have the same supportive advice that can be got here as it is so valuable to hear others stories & feel not alone. I don't know if other fibro sufferers have this horrid Meniere's?


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  • Hi Castlepoint,

    Wow. Lots of symptoms. Quite challenging for you, I would think? So sorry.

    I have not had Menieres, nor tinnitus, so I don't truly know what you are going through.

    I am concerned though! Have you called or seen your physician about these changes?

    Others will be along to comment, I am sure.

    Please do let us know how you are getting on?

    I am very concerned about you.


  • I dont have Meniere's but do get vertigo and tinnitus when over tired my vision becomes tunnelled, only see what is directly ahead. I have ME/CFS and Fibromyalgia so not really sure which is the cause but can understand how distressing the symptoms are so drop in and chat if you find we can help.

  • You should consult your GP about any changes of this nature. I hope you recover soon. Lou x

  • Hello Castlepoint.

    Sorry to hear your not so good at the moment. I can completely understand how you are feeling. I started at an early age with migraine, then in my my early teens started having dizzy episode. Saw ENT Consultant who diagnosed Ménière's disease. Then in mid thirties they changed the diagnoses to vestibular migraine. It didn't matter what they called it, I still had tinnitus which sometimes felt like a train in my head and made my hearing in my good ear feel like I had water in my ear and therefore couldn't hear very well at all. I can have imbalance any time as well as sudden dizzyness that is very scary. The worse times are when the dizzyness last for days and I am unable to function properly, so have to stay in bed. Move on to my fifties and I was diagnosed with fibro with all of that entails. I understand about how your confidence is affected. I've had these issues over the years too. I can really empathise with you. Hoping this mail will help a little in saying you are not a lone.

  • Thankyou Yorky 64 it is really great to have people who understand what it's like & I hope that you stay well too


  • Hi i have had problems like this lots of time dizzy off balance problems with vision and ears it comes on and be very scary it can last for days to weeks but gp puts it down to fibro like everythìnk now.xxxx

  • I'm in the same rowing boat as you- I know that the ear is affected by the fibro, on good days my ears are ok-ish.. Its only my right ear that's affected by Meniere's and when I suffer an FM flare up, the whistling noises in my head; which are normally balanced, goes over to the right- and is a lot louder- and yes my left ear hears at volume number 10- the right ear would hear it at number 5 or 6.. but wishes- Kazz


  • I do not suffer with anything of this nature, but I am so sorry to read that you so. The symptoms that you describe could be a flare up or they could be because of an infection? I cannot really say, it may be best to get it checked out by your GP or medical specialist just to play safe?

    I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck


  • Thankyou Ken, I am going to go to my GP tomorrow just to check it is Meniere's - can fibro really cause balance problems?

    Best wishes & I hope that you are well.


  • Yes, Fibro can cause balance problems unfortunately. I presume the balance problems caused by Fibro are connected to muscle issues?

    Good luck with the doctor and I genuinely hope that you get it sorted.


  • Hello to you all and just a catch up on my last post. I went to the GP and discussed all my recent symptoms with him on Monday. Over the weekend I started with a horrid cold that my son brought in and maybe that has had a bearing on my ear problems & balance issues though. The doc agreed that it was probably related to my Meniere's disease & that it can flare at any time. He prescribed serc - betahistine di-hydrochloride which I have had years ago. I took it boot started with a horrendous headache - so I am going to wait till this horrid cold has passed over. Every medication these days seems to affect me it's mad!

  • Hey there I'm going through menierse I've had this for 5months now I also think I have fibromyalgia I had a MRI which is clear and just to make it clear fibromyalgia is not life threatening! I can feel weak in my right arm and my shoulders and neck can swell eyr vision is terrible and memory is terrible I'm only 22! So don't worry ur not they only one 

  • Hi Castlepoint,

    Your name sounds like a local place here. My daughter has fibro as well as 2 of my sons inherited from me unfortunately. My daughter also suffers with Menieres as well she recently had a brain scan to rule out a tumor (benign) she has to take a becotide tablet every day if her symptoms get worse she has been told to increase the dose at one stage she was on 3 a day but was told to accession ally reduce them but with each attack she has she will lose more hearing and as she is only 23 obviously she doesn't want to lose too much hearing. She has an idea when an attack is coming on as she goes completely deaf in one ear. The other thing is she has developed hay fever this year which also gives some similar symptoms she hadn't realized the tablets she was taking were anti histamine until I told her as she had been and bought some other cheap ones and was taking those along with the prescribed ones. I have just read an interesting article on it in today's guardian you may be able to read it online.

    I hate the thought of having the fibro as well as Menieres as well as a Labrel tear in her hip. But I developed problems at 14vwith my knees which continued and I was diagnosed with fibro when I was around 25 just turned 54 last week and have osteoarthritis in hands hips and knees and am losing my balance very easily at the moment.

    I hope your symptoms settle not sure if you have been given becotide to help with the vertigo it has helped my daughter when she has a bad attack she does increase the dosage.

    Take care


  • I have Fibro and Meniere's disease also ME, I also have micro vascular Angina and chronic asthma.

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