Hello Everyone, Thankyou your your lovely replies to my post. I'm sorry I don't come on to the site as much as I want too. My doctor told me to up my amitriptilline to 3 a night plus a mirtazapine 15mg. The first couple of nights it worked yeah! I thought relief, but no by the 3rd night the I was nearly back to as I was. So I've cut myself down to 2 amitriptilline an the mirtazapine. It's better the whole sleeping thing, but it's getting less and less effective every night that goes by. My gums are horrendous at the moment , so tender loose, sore, my gum has come away from my tooth goodness knows how it is staying in place. I keep going from a boost of feeling ok about my life, to feeling my god is this ever going to end. I moved to Isle of Wight May this year, everything was fine. Now the man upstairs keeps pressing my door buzzer, also banging on his floor, my ceiling. So I'm not happy I keep a knife next to me in bed, just in case! You never know if he is a physco or not. I'm sorry for the spelling . So I'm going to have to move. My fibro has got really bad, probably due to the man upstairs I'm scared something is going to happen. Just needed to vent my frustrations thank you all for being here.

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  • Hello hun; have you tried speaking to your local police? You shouldn't have to live in fear hun and you should speak to someone about it ♥️🌻

  • Bless thank you, but I don't want to cause more bother , not that I have I think he has just taken a dislike to me. Which is a first in my lifetime. I'm waiting for his van come back, how are you ok I hope.

  • It's not bother hun if it's making you feel more ill and you don't feel secure!! I am okay thank you just tired ♥️🌻

  • Such a shame but you would be better away from the stress of not knowing what that man is going to do next. The last thing you want with fibro is stress as it just tenses your already painful muscles. Take care of yourself.x

  • So sorry to hear this and I'm sure the stress will be making you worse , I hope either the man is made to stop bothering you or you can move away from ..have a peaceful evening

  • Oh my lovie you must be petrified. DanielleGemma is right. You ought to contact the police. It's possible he's harmless but you should err on the side of caution. All this stress and worry is not going to help your health. Lots of hugs xxx

  • Hi thank you so much, I'm hoping he is backing off. Wondering my teeth and gums are so sore and swollen and tender. Is it just me!. My mouth is killing me. It's a distraction from my other tender swollen area's. My tooth is loose. Does it ever end?. Apparently not. Is it me or does everyone get so so sick of pain! . Hoping everyone doesn't feel as bad as me xx

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