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Hubby with Fibro!

Hi everyone! My husband has recently been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia after a nasty 'attack' that left him feeling awful for quite some time. Being a typical bloke, he brushes everything off and I'm left trying to helping him and keep the house sorted and the kids alive! He's been put on an antidepressant but we're not sure how it will help long term. I know he'll never stop having fibromyalgia and it's all about finding ways to ease the discomfort when an attack happens. But if he misses one of his tablets, he's in agony again. He's done 3 weeks out of a 4 week course of med, but does he just go to see his doctor again when the course finishes but is still in pain? Will he always be in pain or will he have good days too? He stays active, eats well and takes paracetamol and ibuprofen when needed (although it doesn't help the pain much). How else can I help him? Thankyou for listening to me drone on, you've probably heard off many people in my situation! Carly :)

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Hi sorry to hear about your hubby, its such an awful illness but yes he will have some good days, on his good days though please advise him not to overdo things, we have all got to pace ourselves as doing too much could end up in him being in severe pain or even bedbound for severe days after, as for the medication situation, I was diagnosed with fibro in January, I've got to go to my docs ever 4 weeks for check ups and to review my meds, if something has not been working he tries me with something else, I am currently on 8 different types of tablets at the moment, still in agony though 😢 I've only just turned 26 three weeks ago, hope you have found this helpful in some way 😃

Lyndsay xx


I am so genuinely sorry to read that and it may be beneficial if he can get a referral to a pain management clinic? I want to wish him all the best of luck.

All my hopes and dreams for you both



Thankyou Lyndsay and Ken. I will look into the pain management clinic, I'm sure they would be very helpful. I will also ship him back off to the doctors at the end of his course of med and see what they can come up with next. It's nice to know he'll have better days, it's just trying to find his balance of too much work and not enough (that's going to be hard seen as he's a mechanic and we have 3 children under 6!) But again thankyou, your words have reassured me. Carly


This fibro is a nasty piece of work, you think you are doing well and everything seems to be working out and them wham it hits you in the face!!! I have been great the last couple of months and actually started to take my time in doing housework etc, so what I do now is a bit of dusting then rest, hoovering then rest, paintwork then rest etc etc which has been working, but at the weekend I went for a long walk with my husband and 3 little dogs thinking I would be fine, did not stop for as many rests as hubby was racing off, but in all we did about 6 miles, well the next day was torture, then yesterday the bottom of my spine, my upper arm muscles in cramp spasms and bed was a nightmare, so that will teach me not to be a smart alec and take it easy in future, will we ever learn!!! Yes, good days and bad days, and your husband has to learn not to do too much on his good days and it gives a very false sense of security and well being, good luck x


Hi Imh.Antidepressants are good for thevpai Hubbie with Fibro. Cruz. Ken. I am like that normally and trying to let this demanding syndrome rule me, he will have good days and bad. And yes he should go back if he continues haven this awefull pain, not nice at all, because people with this fibromyalga look allright and dont tend to show the pain. What I get said to me a lot, I look fine, WELL! I would like them to step inside my body, Pain comes back quickly if I don't keep up with the pain relief. ...

I just found out January that I have this after knowing I've had something for years,

Cruz! Don't think we ever learn , I thought wouldbgo to town thebothet WK with a new trolley for shopping, was in bed all day after, Take care,

Antidepressants are good, relax the muscles, I get them , ...

Take care and hope everything works for you,😊


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