Good post chocolate morning

Hope all that cocoa that had to be consumed yesterday gave each and every one o u a feel good boost that will last all year, a bit much maybe ok well Into the week. I'm getting supper squishy snuggles from my 6 year old that ignores me when I say gentle that hurts but makes me giggle so much as she tries to make me feel better lol hope today brings fun happiness n a little less pain t us all xxxxxx

7 Replies

  • Squishy kiddy hugs are so good! Hope you have been able to enjoy the Easter break 🐸

  • I am though I'm getting sick of chocolate lol xxxxx

  • Oh no!!! That is awful!! Get to a doctor quick ha ha ha 🐸

  • I think I need too I turned chocolate down earlier not good xxxx lol x cx

  • Panic..... 🍫🍫😊☺️🐸

  • Sadly, I can never get enough chocolate myself! I am so greedy at times. I genuinely hope that you enjoyed your cuddles x :)

  • I always enjoy cuddles Ken n today I ll get more as I'm getting my grandson for a while one o my bloods came bk pre diabetic so I'm busy telling my subconscious it don't like chocolate but it don't believe me so just cutting down for now lol xxxxx hoping liver specialist knows more when I see him/ her tomz xxxxxx

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