another school run done and no one forgot yay!

Alarm goes off but been awake ages listening to rubbish weather thinking how awful i will feel when taking kids to school:(

my husband then announces that he has to go to work early so no help for me boo hoo as he walks towards the door i think of throwing myself in front of it so he will stay and help lol but think better of it (i can just imagine his face if i did lol:) )

so hohum back to getting five kids ready for school ,so after missing shoes located 1 lunch box not located we venture out in the wind

nearly knocks me over and my 2 year old does a runner yay!

as you can imagine a person with fibro running in the morning is sight to behold :)

but i manage to get there and 4 kids at school and iam now relaxing no house work for me today feel too rubbish my little one is asleep ahh peace untill two hours from now and it all starts again :)

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  • Aw bless I only had two children as a single parent, hubby did a runner, but I remember complete exhaustion and wondering how the hell I was going to do the housework bill paying feeding washing ect ect,

    Actually how did I make it here today, only because my sanity is not intact but my children are functioning adults lol

    Best wishes beans on toast for tea, my heart really goes out to you :-)

  • YAY well done Lynz, i will award you a grand total of 50 points :)

    Keep up the good work hehehehe :)

    CHORLEY :)

  • thank you lol only 50 ? :)

  • Don't be greedy now lynz, think yourself lucky to gained points! lol :)

  • actually yes maybe less than 50 points for me cause i drove all the way to my sister in laws to drop somthing off for her and left it at home lol :)

  • Omg, Chorley is giving us points! LOL :) I'm just wondering why I've given my old phone number out twice in the last week, I've lived in this house with this number for 8 years and not lived in my old house for 9 years and never done this before?! How many points do I get deducted for this? :)

  • haha i think you may be on minus points lol :)

  • Think you're right....... lol

  • MMMMM i need to think about this on and that could take some time LOL

    how about 10 points or getting somthing right and minus 5 points for getting somthing wrong, SO old number given out twice that gives you minus 10 hehehehe

  • May take me some time to think if I've done anything right yet today LOL.

  • Thats ok i dont think i have to go anywhere LOL :)

  • Oh ha ha! :) I've rung to make an appointment with a woman who does reike and massage and all that kind of stuff, left a 'massage' on her answer phone. SORRY!!!! How poor was that. Minus 50 points probably.

    She probably won't ring back, I more than likely gave her my old phone number :) :)

  • we can work out your points depending if she calls back or not :)

    This blog is turning into an episode of the quiz program QI hehehe :)

  • yes lol we could start a new tv programme based on people with fibro doing things right dont know if it would get alot of viewers but id watch it lol :)

  • Thought a nice massage or something might help after all the pain I had last night and today. We'll see. :)

  • haha it made me laugh lol :) hopefully it will do you some good anythings worth a go :)

  • reike is great, i had it 2 weeks ago and had the best nights sleep i have had in a long long time :) Hope it works just as well for you Sue :)

  • Thank you. I had it once years ago on my elbow, I was in agony but not sure what the problem was, maybe tennis elbow and had 20 mins of reiki and it worked a treat. Will you go again? It's so expensive isn't it. :)

  • Hope so lynz, it's £30 a go lol.

  • omg i dont think i will be going anytime soon then lol

  • Well I'm only going to give it a go once and if it works won't be going every week. The osteopath was £42 ph!!! I went every week for ages!!!

  • my goodness ! why is it that osteopaths dont work for the nhs or do they ?

  • Hi all I`m back safe and sound from the docs and sitting in safest place possible at the moment yep bed.Do I get points for being brave and letting a doc I`ve never seen before play darts on my shoulder.Bliss right arm and shoulder dont hurt.But the darn left ones gone into over drive coz I bought a display of doggie biks down on me in the shop.What a wally I should hve asked for help,but thiught the stretch would do me good.So I suppose points given then taken away again.Keep making me laugh you daft lot.And why dont my smiley faces always work and why cant I do paragraphs lol Hugs to all xxx :-)

  • MMMMM ok 10 points for being brave, minus 5 points for not asking for help and 3 points for getting your smiley face to work so that a grand total of 8 points hehehehe :)

  • P.S Lynz some doctors do give referals to osteopaths worth an smiley worked yay :-)

  • 3 Points to butterfly for her smiley face :)

  • yes ive noticed they dont work sometimes :) smiliey just to see if it does lol i think im minus a few points by not being brave i promised i would get docs appointment and i cant bring myself to naughty me lol

  • :) :) :) :) yay!

  • Hahahaha well done more smiley faces, I have just thought i am giving out all of the points whos going to give me some points i dont have any :(

  • defo the most points go to you chorley hope you enjoy your nap :)

  • Now I put going to the docs off Lynz as I was also only diagnosed in july and also found I had an auto imune problem(Sjogrens)But I plucked up the courage and she couldn`t have been sweeter going to start on gapapentin and she felt it would help a lot of nerve pain I get from a back condition.Do it Lynz you never know and if you don`t feel you are being looked after find another doc either in the same practice or at another surgery.Do it hun and let me know how you go hugs Butterfly54 xx :-)

  • thanks butterfly i will still a bit raw from the hospital sighning me off but i will go i promise there must be somthing they can give me :)

  • Oh poor Chorley your worth all the points going for the giggles you give us.I would give you a thousand if you could be clear headed enough to show me how to do paragraphs on this thing I can make the line go side to side but not up or down.No it`s o.k hun a friend is coming later I`m sure she tried to show me before.Was probably a foggy day.But your`e worth your wieght in gold with your humour so please put the smiley face back 50points allocated to you,just don`t lose them hugs xx :-)

  • AWWW thanks

    as for paragraphs

    i just press the enter button

    then use the space bar to move the curser in

    hehehehehehe :) :) :)

  • and now i am going for a power snooze as i feel VERY sleepy LOL

  • 10 points to Chrstine for getting to the bottom of things hehehe :)

  • yes i think i should :) :) :) :) :) :) :) lol xxx

  • lol thank you christine :) xxx

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