Prickly heat?

Since stopping all my meds for fibro, I suffer badly with prickly heat, has anybody else suffered with this, and if so, have you got any remedies I can try? Antihistamines don't work, and I'm worried because I will be going to Gran Canaria in August! Please help, its getting me down now, like I need something else to keep me awake at night! Thanks in advance. Xx

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  • if it only happens when you sit in the sun, i suggest buying a sunblock cream, if it however happens when you get hot but not directly from the sun, id suggest asking the doc so it doesnt spoil your holiday xx

    i went to gran canaria for my honeymoon, lovely island but very steep hills everywhere!! ;-)

  • yes it does only happen when i sit in the sun, might take your advice and go to the quacks, thanks for your reply. xx

  • I use pizbun (not sure of spelling)sun cream for allegy/sentitive skin has always allow me to sit im the sun and not get prickly heat also try the after sun cream keeps any prickly heat at bay. Suffered from prickly heat for years until travel rep advise me to use. I hope this helps and enjoy your holliday !!

  • I took your advice and got some of all i need is a bit of sun so I can put it to the test before my holiday..let you know how I get on.xx

  • Hi cincin,

    There is a product called Magicool-Plus. This is Amazon's description, the only downside seems to be the cost.

    'MAGICOOL-Plus® (Patented) for treating Prickly Heat is the world's first and only, safe, self-chilled (works without refrigeration) Medical Device to combine in one potent simultaneous application the following anti-itch and skin calming therapies: Cooling (proven to suppress histamine response), mechanical (Kinetic pulses similar to TENS), chemical (skin calming agents), deep cell hydration (Hydrotherapy) and cleansing of lesions (Sterile). Non-invasive, anti-inflammatory, anaesthetises nerve endings. Safe for applying anywhere on body and face as directed. Suitable for all ages, infants included. The spray is clinically proven to treat Prickly Heat. Non-steroidal, Sterile - suitable for use on broken skin or inflamed lesions.

    Free from fragrance, preservatives, alcohol and CFC.'

    hope that helps, happy hugs, kate :)

  • ooh....I might have to look into this, thanks for the advise.xx

  • Hi, I always take anti-histamines which i get on prescription from my doctor, and i start them at least a week before going on holiday, i also use Piz Buin anti allergy sun lotion Factor 30 which you can get from a Home Bargains shop if there is one near you for £4.99, its a lot more expensive in Boots at £13.99, but there is a buy one get one free offer on at the moment.

    Even after all that i still get prickly heat while on holiday abroad, and end up covering up the parts affected, mostly my legs.

    Hope these little tips help cos i know its really uncomfortable and itchy xx

  • Forgot to mention that boots do a cooling spray similar to magicool its called Hot Weather Cooling Spray, its £4.19 a lot cheaper than magicool.

    I wish i was getting comission from boots LOL XX

  • I like the sound of this even better, I shall have to check it out, thanks for your reply, xx

  • Oh...I love the sun, I hope it doesnt come to this, last time I had this abroad, I had to keep dipping my beach towel into the pool and drape it over me, i was getting a few funny looks I can tell you, that was the 1st time I knew I had it, so i wasnt prepared at all, went to the pharmacy in the middle of Majorca, not speaking any spanish at all, and they advise me to stay out of the sun....yeah, that would of been a good idea if I was back in the UK, but stuck in 30 degree temps...that was soooo not funny! Thanks for your advise, keep your fingers crossed..xx

  • The only reliable remedy for this is antihistamines from your gp!

    Shirley x

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