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I cannot stand heat which is baffling my specialist.

I hate baths, i have to have a cool shower and when i have finished washing a turn the heat up to boling and blast my back and let it run down my shouders and back, which helps loads but i cannot stand it anywhere else.

In summer i hate going out as my head just doesnt feel right (sorry dont know how to describe it).

If i get even slightly warmer i sweat.

I like autumn and spring but hate summer.

Does anyone else feel like this? As i see that fibro and ME are worse in winter.

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Yes, you are right - fibro affects our ability to regulate things such as body temperature - read right to the end:


I do have difficulty with to much heat but I like a warm bath.

It's the centeral heating I can't stand I'm always dripping with sweat and asking to have the heating off and my poor sister is frezzing and covered with blankets because my room is so cold but I'm still hot!!!

I agree with Jules i think our temperature control is definatly on the blink, if only we could just get a heating engineer to fix it !!! lol

Take care, and try to keep cool xxx


hi jazher ...

i dont like the heat as my hands and feet tend to swell and get very sore...

one min i am hot then the next i am freezing and have to cover up, in the winter i am in so much pain..

but like you in the hot weather my head is not right it bangs so much it makes me feel so sick .. my fella evens puts the fan on me to cool me down .... have a good day hun hugs with wool :)


hi hun!

rumour control says with FM - you either run on hot or on cold. Me im cold ALL the time!! well - it was 50- 50...xx


Hi i must say i swing from being so hot i am stripping off layers to absolutely frozen and jus cannot get warm, its mad but i do love my hot bath at night sinking down and jus letting the hot water soothe my aches but it is short lived as soon as i get on dry land back they come and dont think i can lay in bath with hot water constantly running round me all day (would be nice ,i would look like a prune ) love to you diddle x


Thankyou everyone,

This is one symptom why i thought i had MS, and even my specialist says that it is unusual for fibro amd ME to be worse in summer and heat.

Its good to know that i am normal well for this site anyways lol.

Thankyou guys.

kel xxxx


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