Hi how is everyone coping with this heat and the fibro? As much as like to see the sunshine the heat is just making me so tired and i am having so much pain. Night time is awful and i feel so drained. I am sat here with a fan keeping cool, but i have things to do and just can't bring myself to get on with it.

I am hoping my new ESA claim goes ok, welfare rights helped me fill in the form, so i am now waiting for the dreaded envelope saying i have got or not got it or have to go for a medical. dreading it. In leeds the ATOS place is miles away from me, so i don;t know how i will get there. Can they send someone to my home to do the medical if needed?

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  • It's good to see the sun, and I am using freezer packs wrapped in towels to keep me cool - it works a treat! I have a soft gel pack, which I wrap in a cotton scarf, and place it round my neck like a collar - it keeps me comfy while I work in the kitchen or at my desk.

    At night, I fill my hot water bottle with ice water, and keep a thermos of cold water by the bed to sip during the night.

    Re ATOS - yes they should send someone to you, if you can't manage the journey. Don't get worried, because almost inevitably people have to appeal. It's not a matter of how sick you are, but how much money ATOS can squeeze out of the Govt. by declaring you fit for work! You may get esa first time, but most people are successful on appeal, so just don't stress about it.

    Best of luck! :)

    Moffy x

  • I have been on ESA for almost 2 years now, but got the renewal form a couple of weeks ago. I am hoping like last time they will just go ahead and continue in the WRAG group as i am at the moment.

  • I thought u could only get esa for a year?

  • I am in the conundrum that the heat has made my arthrits worse ...this makes no sense as in the wet I was wishing for some warmth ..but my fibro is loving the warmth

    VG the confused:)

  • Awhhh VG! Sit on a hot water bottle and have a cold drink! Ummm - that might make you properly confused! :O

    Moffy the silly x

  • I have it I am going to stand in the shower and alternate between hot and cold alternately till my body is so confused it stops being confused

    VG :)

  • hi i love the heat ,i do still have hot sweats coz im goin thru the change but ive got my fan n i stay out of the sun ,ive realized that i respond better to heat i cant tolerate the cold at all ,i do still get sum pain wen its hot n nothing will take away the stiffness but in general i feel much better wen its warm .soft hugs to all tofty x

  • Yes ATOS are coming to my home at lunchtime today but its for DLA not ESA. I also used welfare rights to fill out my forms this time as last time I had mental breakdown at the thought of impending assessment and have been in therapy for stress ever since, which if I may say is a very good part of my pain treatment!!!!

    Anyhoo!!! HEAT its crucifying me I'm very temperature sensitive so going from one place that really hot to somewhere a fraction cooler affects me quite sore all over and I have to lie down, If its a lot cooler then I very painfully, wrap self in quilts and hot water bottle and have to knock myself out for a few hours. Yep even if its 30 degrees outside.


  • yes they will if you can prove that youare not fit to go just ask your gp to give you a sick note and that will do the trick . good luck and best wishes pauline xx

  • Hi, you have the right to a walk-in ATOS if yours have stairs and you couldn't evacuate quickly in event of a fire, ring atos to see if you can have a different one easier to get to. Do you have a local mobility bus service, usually town council run that can pick u up and bring you back? You can claim mileage for having to go by car, or bus/train fares. Ask at reception when you book in for assessment, they will give you a claim form. Dont see why I should pay for them to see me, they can pay to see me!!!

    Re Heat, heat is good for fibro, humidity is not, in this country we get humidity thats why we are better abroad where humidity is lower but you get the heat!! Did that make sense???

  • im not doing too well in the heat,im going from bad headaches,to horrid fatigue and have the most yucky tum :( Am keeping the curtains closed and the fan on. been taking the dogs out early and its been really nice,i do love the sun but it doesnt love me lol

  • this heat is causing me as much pain as extreme cold does. As much as its wonderful to see the sunshine, its doesn't like me at all :( xx

  • OMG woke with a damned water infection yet again, this is getting ridiculous, every couple of months. Suppose its the perils of having Duplex Kidneys.

  • I don't like extreme heat. Yesterday was agony, today is slightly better because there is a breeze. I get worse pain when it's cold and when it's hot, so can't win really. I just want a happy medium!

  • I love the hot weathrr although it makes me very tired, I do struggle at work as I do long days (get 4 days off a week that way), my charge nurse is good, he suggested that I lie down in our treatment room during the lunch period (I work in a secure environment so no patients about during this time), it realky helps me cope with the rest of the shift.

    The bonus side to the heat for me is that I seem to have a bit less pain. Me and OH are off to Egypt in August, so not sure how it will effect me! I am worried that I may end up stuck on a camel as I get so stiff lol! Would be a novel reason for being a few days late for work!

    Becky. Xx

  • hi i cant cope with heat i hibernate and get fresh air in cool of day just munch ice that keeps me cooler and hydrated pinkribbons

  • I don't mind the heat so much it is the humidity that is getting to me, I have never had so much liquid escape from my head and body, yuk xx

  • oh this awful heat we have had its no good for me makes me soooooooooo ill im suffering very very bad fatigue i was taken off amitryptiline( cant spell it ) and put on duloxetine 60mg which i takw now in a morning but i now cant sleep at nite at all im wandering round till 5 or 6 am then fall asleep few hrs then sleeping all afternoon my clock all out of sinkanyone eles like this i have f/m and o/a ibsstomache ulcers angie

  • Hi angie

    When you get used to duloxetine I think you will settle into it. So give it a chance what strength are you taking?


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