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Medical with Atos...Dr results and confusion!

Right, had a letter saying I need a medical towards my DLA claim.

I've called the Dr after my throat swab and apparently my smear has come back with a mild case of thrush and my throat is still sore and white....I don't feel like I have thrush down there but my throat is killing and antibiotics have done nothing....hmm....

Could they have mixed the results up?

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its very easy for trush to travel to your throat


If it's oral thrush, antibiotics will only make it worse. As well as an anti-fungal treatment, you may well need a course of probiotics - antibiotics kill off the beneficial bacteria as well as any unwanted bacteria and that can make it easier for other organisms like Candida (thrush) to multiply.

Have you seen this info?



OMG OMG OMG!!!!! I had to have one in January. The doc could not understand me and I couldn't understand him. The report nearly got me sacked in April. It said I'd ordered a new car, that I needed a parking place and the wrong information he wrote was just a joke. I was dragged into a meeting 04.04.12 with HR, my line manager and they ripped into me. So make sure te Dr understands what you saying/telling them. Good Luck anyway


I suffer from asthma and get oral thrush regularly caused by my medication. I find the antibiotics and Nystathan from my doctors cure it.

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are you athsmatic and drawing on your inhaler strongly? if so it can cause oral thrush.....


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