Passed my ATOS medical!!!

Hi all! Yes I got through the hour long medical assessment and I am delighted with the result.

Thought I'd post this to show you that people with fibromyalgia can pass the medical and get the financial contribution they deserve.

On the downside, have felt poorly all week! Lots of pain, dizziness and extremely tired :((

Just want to curl up in bed and do nothing.


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  • well done

  • That's great,well done x

  • Great News, hope you feel better soon x

  • It's always good to hear something positive when it comes to DWP! Fantastic news, well done! Tulip xx

  • Well done ! I passed mine also a few weeks ago !

  • well done, I am pleased for you

    I am waiting the results of mine that took place last week. How long did you have to wait??

  • well done.

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