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Exams, still poorly and in so much pain :(

Well, it's head is swimming with information for my two exams tomorrow. I'm worried that I won't remember anything :( so am reading and reading and reading :(

My throat is still white, although not as sore but still not 100% which is annoying. I'm waiting on results as to whether it is thrush but I finish my antibiotics today and I'm not better so it's not looking good. But this means I shouldn't be in college tomorrow as thrush is contagious :( but then I can't miss my exams.

My fibro is acting up today, I think it's because I'm stressed about these exams and I'm tired. I've not slept properly since I got ill and I think it's starting to take it's toll on me now. My grandma is back from holiday on Wednesday, am so thankful that she will be back....she helps me so much with the girls. It's so much harder on my own :(

Oh well, might give the Dr's a call about my 2 Dr's notes and see if by some miracle my test results are back. Then better go and get my girls from school. Make tea, sort washing, do lunch boxes, get ready for college and then collapse in bed.

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Hi sorry you are unwell i had that 2 weeks ago for 2 weks just feeling better it not nice and then with fibro and exas strss too that not a good combination poor you

i am sure you will be fine but remember you can revise too much and you just go blank i am sure you already know what you are supposed to know and when you see the paper it will all come back to you . you are just fretting sometimes we think we know nothing but it does all come back to us so try to put the books down and have a nice bath and relax good luck to you and love diddle xx


Thanks Diddle :)

I've just had confirmation that I can go into college as well. As my throat isn't better, I had to check as I could be contagious, but might not be. But I can go providing I don't lick/cough/splutter over anyone! haha these were the words of my tutor! hahaha :)


mmmm were you thinking of licking thre tutor then lol love diddle x


yes all the stress will be making you ill, Good luck for tomorrow i am suer you will be fine. :)

hugs, kel xxxx


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