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Silly me!

I have a real problem remembering to take medication...I always plan to take it at the same time every night...but sometimes I just forget!

I'd been doing so well with my new meds...til last night...and I paid for it!

Forgot to take my Prami and it was a bit too late to take it as it has to be 2hrs before bed...I remembered at 11pm!

I took the amitryptoline and went to bed, straight to sleep and woke up at 3am with my RLS in full swing...neck and shoulders back is agony although that will ease during the day...and my left ankle is really sore...:(

I'm thinking about having "TAKE MEDS" tattooed to my hand!

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lo not a bad idae you could T M o n hand with a capsule shape nextto it a small one that would be a talking point wouldnt it lol love to you diddle x


LOL diddle...gonna have to design one now!


yeah ypou could have quite a discreet one done or the butterfly fibro logo with a capsule oin its legs and tm under it i am sure you could make it look quite unique in fact i am now thinking of having one done lol i love tattoos love to you diddle xxx


I'll post mine up once I've done it, then everyone else can join in....


Oh I am the same have to take Gabapentin 3 times a day and I often forget to take the middle dose. I take my other meds fine in the morning and at bedtime, don't think I dare have a tatto though!!!!

Hugs x x x x


Oh no, if I have to take 3 I'm ruined!

thanks for the hugs x


I do this quite often and i always remeber in bed when i have woke up in agony, then all i do is kepp waking until i get up. I am then useless for doing anything the next day.

I take so many at bed time i forget which one i actually have taken lol.

Hope your pain gets better through the day, early night for you and DONT FORGET YOUR TABLETS lol.

hugs, kel xxxx



Thanks Kel x

hugs to you too x


I set reminders on my mobile phone

Whippet x


that sounds like a good idea.


Just get a phone that rings load enough, I had to change mine x


I have started keeping my bedtime tablets in my toothbrush mug. I had kept them beside my bed but didn't remember them.


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