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Omg hi all don't ever try and stand if you have pins and needles in your leg or cramp,I done this Friday and ended up in A & E Saturday sprained foot and bruising they gave me crutches I went outside and the little pins in the crutches wasn't in properly so I nearly dropped,woke today and got another swollen toe on the other foot,wouldn't mind but I was there Tuesday with a trapped nurve in my neck and see the same doctor lol.hope everyone else is doing well.X

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  • Oh poor you, they do say things come in threes and hopefully that's you finished for now. Take care of yourself and I do hope the pins and needles feeling has gone xx

  • Oh no, I bet they were saying, your not back again already lol..poor you, I know what you mean because I've done it, luckily I was right next to the bed so plunked myself back down but my ankle just completely went, it's a strange feeling isn't it ?. I just rub it now lol

    Luv Jan x

  • I have end up in a&e a few times but that's been down to brain fog and short term memory problems like setting the kitchen alight 3 times and having stitches in hand just pruning the roses

  • The wife tells not to cook but I forget

  • Hi diamondwendie

    I really am so genuinely sorry to read this my friend and I sincerely hope that you make a speedy recovery. I have a great deal of cramp / muscle spams myself in my right leg and foot so I will be extra careful from now on!

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck, and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Oh no I'm sorry hope you're feeling better soon! Btw thanks for the tip 😀

  • Ouch, please take care. I hope the pain subsidies soon.

  • Omg you poor girl hope your feeling a bit better today

  • oh no, sorry to hear that, hope you feel better soon.

  • Oh dear as Scottish-piglet says hopefully now the three are over you can have a respite from A &E. Sounds as though you need danger money going near that place were they trying to see you off with nit putting the pin in correctly? Take care of yourself.x

  • So sorry about your A & E trips.I have been there twice in the last few weeks.Didn't get much help.xx

  • Hope you feel better soon. What a lot to happen at once. I get painful cramps in my left leg and foot, but so far (touch wood) nothing drastic. It wears off fairly quickly thank goodness.

    Look after yourself.

  • Hi diamondwendie

    My goodness you have been in the wars.!

    If you keep going to A&E they will be charging you rent!


  • Lol I know kay x

  • Oh dear me, you've had a time of it, take care now 😃

  • Hi diamondwendie , I did that 8 years ago and was in the hospital for 5 days and now have an ankle and foot put together with pins, plates and screws.Till then had never had a broken bone and I was 46 years old.Im blessed I can walk and was told that by the surgeon.Please be careful.Have a good day.Peck 🐤

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