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some me time as suggested!!

I have decided to get ready for bed, stick a film on in my room and take a tub of Ben & Jerrys frozen youghurt with me and just enjoy the film etc, then get an early night. The phones are off and my son has strict instructions to make sure the cats are in, to do those dishes and to lock up before he goes bed.

Tomorrow is another day and i may wake up more positive.

Thanks for all your support today and goodnite all!!

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sounds absolute bliss that does hope it all goes to plan and yes tomorrow is another day love to you diddle x ben and jerrys yum yum mmmmm x


Have a good relaxing night. :)

big hugs, kel xxxx


Sounds fabulous Kialayla.

Enjoy the film and the Ben and Jerrys. Now I want some as well! lol

As you say, tomorrow is another day.

Nite Nite

Sue xxx


Well done you enjoy hope it's a good film take care Ruby xx


what a good idea.Enjoy all that lovely me time and the icecream x


You go, girl. Thats the attitude. Do it more often, I live on my own (with my beautiful Westie!) So get plenty of 'me' time. Too much tbh!! People don't want to come and see me, I used to get upset about it but now just say 'sod em'. Make sure you have at least 1 'me' day a week. Gentle hugs. x


Thanks poochywoo. Although my 21 yr old lives with me i may as well be alone. When i cant walk the best i can get out of him is to pass me the crutches and help me off the bed. (i dont havea chair yet i can sit on sofa is too low) but he freaks at the idea of helping me in the bathroom, not like i want him to shower me lol!

You get a lot of alone time to think thats the only problem. Thats why unless i cant walk or move well i make a habit going in my neighbours each day for a coffee.

She never comes in here but thats because she cant smoke in my house which is understandable. But sometimes it would be nice to have someone come in to me for a coffee and chat.

Hugs to you. xx


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