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Dr's this morning

Been to the Dr this morning with my list of things especially the ones that occured on sunday and my muscle weakness, tingling,spams, twitching and blurred vision, and difficulties swollowing she has done some urgent blood tests for magnesium,calcium and b12 dificency. If they are all fine then its an urgent referal to neurologist to see if it is MS. get blood results monday morning I do hope it is just something that can fix with a vitimin pill

And got my daughter at Dr later to get refered to camhs

its all getting hard to cope with

Hope everyone else is doing OK soft hugs xxx

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Hi penny,

I am sorry you are going through all this hun,

I went through a similar thing in novemeber, Tremores, dizzyiness, blurred vision, the episode lasted 6 weeks really bad. I went to a neurologist and i really thought i had ms. I had a brain scan and it came back clear. I was shocked as i knew i had fibro but some things just werent adding up. I went to an immunologist and i have fibro, cfs/me, hypermobility, hypothydrism, Low calcium, vitamind deficiencey and bi12 is low.

I really hope it isnt ms hun, but what ever it is, i hope you get to the bottome of it soon.

hugs, kel xxx


Thank you Kel I am sure it will just be a vit defiency and I will be fine thats what I am telling myself anyway

I will know more on monday

but thank you your comments have helped alot xxx


Hi fairy lady, fairy cazzie here, i know what you mean, i had ghe wkend from hell and missed my 11 yr olds cup final football was gutted , never miss the special ones, but i had everything could possibly have. I am having a brain mri tonight altho neurologist says doubt its MS because of a 'pattern' i have plenty pattern but he asked me whats in my medical history and i said i dont know where to start so my doctors told me he doing further investigations as over the yrs i have suffered many things that lasted months or wks and was hospitilised on a few !! But you never for a second think your life will turn out out to be an annoying daily struggle! I feel ok sometimes but then hits me another, i have bhms like kelly which only just diagnosed with, so not sure that alone answers why doing daily chores is hard ie doing veg peeling potatoes and up and down stairs, one minute can be ok then another time a struggle. Its like carrying a sack of cement around all the time walking about. As got compression on nerves in both sides of body. Anyway for you and for me i hope that something can be fixed!! Its not knowing why or what for and family having to help too. I rely heavily on driving every day, so i desperately want answers to continue running my business and which road to take. So i wish you the best luck. Huggles xxxxxxxx


Hi fairycazzie,

I know how you feel some days I cant peel the veg cook a meal with out requent rests and it is a constant struggle, I like what you said about carrying a bag of cement around.

what is bhms?

I have struggled for yrs there has always been something wrong

I had an episode of numbness on sunday and have had really weak right leg ever since and my eye sight is becoming more blurred

I do hope your scan goes well and they find that you dont have MS but it will be good to find out.

I dont think I have it but it is a worry when your gp says it might be an urgent referal rool on monday

I struggle alot and there is only me and my 11yr old daughter so I have no other support

sorry I am rambling it has been a long day

I do hope you are ok please let me know how you get on

gentle hugs xxx


Hi fairylady,

You are not rambling at all blimey i can do that hehe.

I hope the tests come back as you want them to as it is a shock when they say things like that to you.

I have 2 thoughts so non are helpful!

I do in a way want something to be there so it answers all my problems for the past 2 yrs yet my on off illnesses for the past 23 yrs of been ill for months or wks and then back on form again. I believe i have a true medical history that answers my symptoms now and the state i am in!

Then the other half of me hopes its nothing and this will all go away, but yet when i say those words to the doctors they do not verbally answer but shake their head?! now that confuses me physcologicaly lol .

I am only told it is possibly not MS because of 'pattern' which i mentioned to you previously i think..i do have a pattern but when it was going on i never thought about it that way until i sat and wrote everything down and kept a diary since last year! and it is only this year i decided to start looking into it and it scared me!!!

so many illnesses mimic one another so got to be correct when diagnosing i understand that.

But if they think will be clear why already organise a brain specialist thats what i dont understand..

Anyways now i am talking too much. !!

I also have an 11 yr old daughter who is very independant and wants to be off the shops and swimming and does football etc always on the go!! i am losing the 'little girl' boohoo but she helps me so much on my bad days.xxxxx huggles


best of luck xx


Thank you rosehip

how are you ? xx


hello hope everything will be o.k with you and your daughter I know this is a silly thing to say try not to worry and have nice weekend take care love beth2


Thank you beth2 for your kind words

It has been very stressful few weeks so maybe its just that

I hope you have a good weekend

take care and thank you

hugs xxx


Penny, my thoughts are with you. I will contact you Monday what time are you seeing Doc?

I am at Hospital 1.30

Soft Hugs x x x x


Hi Sue,

my thoughts are with you too and I hope the outcome is good for both of us

I am at the dr at 9am monday

thinking of ou

soft hugs xxx


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