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lidocaine infusion this morning

hi i had my lfirst lidocaine infusion this morning very nervous this morning and after the journey to the local hosipal taking 45 minutes and only just getting ther in one peice thanks to the lady who pulled out on us and made my husband serve to avoid her hitting us i was shaking by the ime i got there the nurse and dr were so nice kind and reasuring im very tired still in abit of pain and developed siatica type pain in my buttocks since the procedure finished im keeing everything crossed that i wake up in the morning with a good result il keep you all updated as it only has a 20% chance of working take care all joanne x

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Hi joed

Well done, it sounds like you are a braver person than me! I genuinely hope that you can get a wonderful sleep tonight and wake up tomorrow feeling really good!

I will keep my fingers crossed for you, and please keep us up to date with how you are getting on with this?

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x


Glad you made it to the hospital in one piece. Do hope that the lidocaine infusion helps you and you wake up tomorrow morning a new person. Fingers and everything crossed for youx


Hi joed, glad you made it to the hospital ok, and that the infusion went ok. Hope you get a good sleep and wake with less pain in the morning. Perhaps see how you feel in the morning and we'll confirm meeting up details? Gentle hugs, Julie x


Morning joed, how are you feeling this morning? I will be outside the Central Hall at about 10.50am, see you there? Hugs, Julie xxx


Hi Joanne

Sorry to hear about your upsetting experience on your journey to your hospital, hope you have calmed down a little now, it does indeed shake you up!

I hope/pray that the Lidocaine Infusion works for your pain. I hope you don"t mind me asking but I have been on Lidocaine Patches for many years, I use on the worse effected areas of pain but I have never heard of Infusions before?

Please could you kindly let me know how you get on with them? I sincerely hope they help your pain & give you much relief from insidious pain that comes with Fibro?

I am currently on Slow Release Morphine & Oral Morphine, Plus the Lidocaine Patches, plus Pregablin & lots of other Medication but still in Chronic Widespread Pain! I finally shut my eyes @ 5.30am today due to pain preventing me from sleeping!

So I would be extremely grateful for any feed-back you could kindly give me? Please feel free to PM me if you wish to?

Good Luck

Many thanks

Sending you positive, healing, soothing energies

(((Gentle hugs))) Lynn X


I was given lidocaine trigger point injections but they did not help.


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